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Who sends a mosquito for an anti-malaria campaign?

by commuadmin

One day these Comrades are accused of cheating elections and the other day they still say they want to hold and run an election. Surely Zanu PF DCC elections are nigh Comrades and what Tichatonga will tell you is sit back relax and enjoy as the drama would unfold.

They may say I have rushed to conclusion but surely if SADC and AU don’t join forces to come and monitor these elections many will cry foul with no reputable board to publish a report highlighting irregularities in the forthcoming elections. We might not have much to say being termed outsiders but surely the mosquito has been deployed on an anti malaria campaign mission.

Today I realised I never forget salutations Comrades but like any other O’vet, Comrade Tichatonga has a one gig memory so for him to function normally he needs to offload what he has first in-order to load and share some more.

Greeting and salutations to you dear comrades, this is your one and trusted O’vet who witnessed the tribabilas incident, muera nhema who when he lies his teeth decay. Speaking truth to power is my core module.

Apologies for absence last week and going on an unsuccessful adventure to look for Gucci Grace with the intention to celebrate the year gone without Bob. Yes, it’s already a year after his death, not after the soft coup announcement, nothing has changed socially, politically and economically.

The country woes have even grown to be targeting the church but iiii Catholics are hulks, they are feared by the state as much as citizens fear the ferret force kkk.

But honestly, the coming in of the new dispensation was just sending a mosquito for an anti malaria campaign as the woes have instead worsened. I remember being promised a Zimbabwe of honey and milk not knowing it would only be for the few. These are not the revolutionary gains we looked up to after compromising for peace following a long armed struggle with the white invaders.

Some of these young men looting don’t even have a fracture. I don’t think they are young men either but old men still driving the youth agenda in the ruling party. I say this confidently because last week Mudenda himself lamented the lack of youth in the party.

To solve this challenge I however urge Zanu PF to readjust age floor and ceiling for someone to qualify as youths to maybe 30-60 years because the youths of today will never but the ‘pfa pfe pfi pfo pfuuu’ mantra! They want something trendy like #GodIsInIt

Talking of Chamisa, is he standing for the people as a leader or as a prophet? How can he tell the whole country that needs a liberator that God is in it? Wakutaura naMwari here Nero? What’s the action plan to liberating the troubled citizenry? Just open up your actual role because the sits for interceders will soon be full! Look now mfana Jah Master akutorira kukudarika after calling the creator in a song.

Back to Gweru kwatinotongera nyika, they arrested Harare town clerk who was attending a conference at Fairmile hotel. They rush to arrest a foreigner and I am shocked. Have they finished caging walking criminals in Gweru and the Midlands province at large? Zvimwe muti munotamba vakomana.

On the same issue, why do you think Harare police were failing to arrest him? Couldn’t they wait for him to return to Harare or didn’t they know he was supposed to be out of town? Obviously they were being bribed by the criminal and didn’t want association over his arrest. Vakadya imi mukashandiswa. Wake up mhani!

Anyway, am waiting for the day Chingwadza would face his music. He is not the only corrupt official in council but he never bothered covering up for his underhand deals and was proud of it. But why would these people walk free when revolutionaries are caged 40 days plus only to be acquitted on no charges?

Let me take this time to welcome back my brother Godfery Kurauone. You are a fighter and true revolutionary. You have graduated from being a mujiba and surely ichava nhoroondo!

Zimbabwe is surely in a crisis whereby the general populace thinks they own the army when its actually vis-à-vis, the army has forcefully taken ownership of citizens. The same with our politicians, they forget that the povo is the sole employer!

I am getting to that point where I feel those who work in cohorts with the ferret force would accuse me of yep-yep. Yes, like I always say, speaking your thoughts is a crime in Zimbabwe when it’s however permissible in our capital city South Africa kkk. If you know you know.

Before I forget, please advice the Minister of State that Tichatonga is still on his case. It’s time public officials learn to be accountable over public funds. This is no threat though and this will not strip the gentlemen in him, it’s just an innocent plea for my dear brother to walk the talk.

Till next time folks, listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours.

Off to the Officer’s Mess where we poach ice cold beer supported by macimbi, pork bones and sadza. Sad how I will however walk barefooted kuenda kwedu kwatinogara kudumpsite where bad odor, flies among many other ills are the order of the day.

Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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