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Return to innocence

by commuadmin

Aluta Continua Comrades! The war of liberation left me with 95° burns, and so it meant that when I visited my native Chirumanzu homestead, the journey back was a monumental task.

Besides the potholes on the Chaka – Gweru Road, I also had to contend with the burns which left me handicapped from the ankle down hahaha. Anyway, I am trying to explain my absence from the regular column as I struggled to maneuver my way back to my McFaden Landfill home. Oh, I actually discovered that my home, known to many as Gweru dumpsite has a fancy name just like any leafy suburb you may be thinking of now.

Revolutionary greetings and salutations to you dear comrades, this is your one and trusted O’vet. The one who witnessed the tribabilas incident; muera nhema who when he lies his teeth decay. The only academic credential I have is speaking truth to power.

Talking potholes folks (read dams on roads), can someone please, please, I implore you; tell me what is really going on between Mvuma and Gweru? Please dispel Cde Tichatongai’s ignorance folks!

After so many years of revenue collection by both ZINARA and rural-urban councils, surely some funds should be channeled towards road rehabilitation…am I right or am I right?

But ahh, what does this old war veteran know? Only yesterday I received a call from my Mzansi based friend, Rambai, who had his low profile rims and tyres damaged near Mkandapi due to these road centred dams. He mentioned how, when he arrived kuMkoba after years as Mujoni-Joni, he got a shock of his life – people walking in the middle of the road, the tar strip – or what’s left of it, whilst cars used the dirt roadsides.

Ko chiiko chaizvo chiri kuitika nhai maComrades? Ndizvo zvatakarwira here izvi nhaiwe Musorobhangu? Kare Kwaive Nane!

Oh and before I forget Comrades; what was that young fool’s name? The one who was talking about or rather, threatening to create 2 million jobs by year Gochanhembe? So where are the jobs he was talking about?

Youths, it seems to this o’vet, are better off finding jobs filling potholes with branches, grass, and clay – to be paid a pitiable pittance from the magnanimity of motorists.  Haa maComrades!?

The person who made those sentiments either suffered from deluded optimism or serious dementia. How tired is that line as a political hoodwinking mantra? Surely thinking that we shall find viable solutions from Scarfmore and his Rural Party cronies is an exercise in futility. Tinyareiwo ma Gents!

There is something Ungodly (well there hasn’t been anything godly with the Rural Party for a while now in any case) about young men and women milling around Bahadar Center in Gweru, and Innez Terrace in Harare, Sam Levi’s in Kadoma and Bulawayo Center – all waiting like vultures to con the elderly and the desperate.

The mere fact that potential labor can be left to accelerate the gut rot in a country that aims to be a middle-class economy by year Gochanhembe…is both deplorable and tragic.

How young men and women can be left to feed the black market like that should anger every sane Zimbabwean. Mwari ave nemi! Someone is trying to hoodwink us…. and apparently failing dismally!

The Rural Party made sure that only civil servants (or as the young ingrates want to call them – evil serpents) who are retired are the majority of landlords. Pensioners bear the brunt in our banana republic – was it a refiguration kuti First President ainzi Sodindo Banana? Hahaha.

Gweru sometimes doesn’t have both electricity and running water! Pardon my ignorance here maComrades , but zvinoitawo here kuvhara mvura iko kuchinaya zvakadai? Kozoti maqueue kumaBank for senior citizens? Hlonipani abantu abadhala maComrades! Regai tichingoti Chashamisa Chacho Chii?

Ko hanziiko neForeign Affairs Ministry hedu about the Russia-Ukraine conflict? Ko iyo hurumende yedu yadiiko kuendako kunoita ma45 degrees with fellow soldiers than with innocent protestors back home. Or even send the machete army to do what they know best than kill innocent political activists back home! ZANU PF should face the music for what happened in Kwekwe. Sad!

If it was CCC, I bet even Chamisa could be answering to murder charges now. Chete chisingaperi chinoshura. Like my name says, ‘Tichatonga’ and surely ushe madzoro. Asika zvichakadaro, natsa kwawabva!

I don’t like it when my tone gets too hard like this lest I will be accused of yep-yep. Yes; talking independently is criminalised in Zimbabwe especially if you make reference to the shake-shake building.

However, before I go, I have a question for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). What are you going to do with the polling station that was pitched at Minister Larry Mavhima’s homestead? Will Ward 2 candidates still use that as a polling station during the oncoming by-elections or you have since gotten back to the rightful senses that advance democracy in Zimbabwe.

Well, till next time folks, let me go kwambuya mafidhe and poach one or two cups of homemade calabash for dinner.

Aluta Continuation MaComrades.

Adios Amigos.

Tichatonga, Out

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