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Luke Petros double dibs Gweru clubs?

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Heather Chikonan’ombe

GWERU – A nasty ownership bout is looming between ambitious Midlands State University (MSU) FC and Zimbabwe Prisons & Correctional Services, Whawha FC, over veteran gaffer Luke Petros as both sides claim he is contracted to them.

Petros, who helped Whawha pull a shock return to top flight league is between crossroads after it emerged that he double-dibbed the two Gweru rivals, after signing a two year contract with MSU and at the same time committing to lead the prison wardens in their second PSL flirtation.

With football action touted to return next month, Petros finds himself in a compromised position as both sides are pinning their hopes on him to lead their technical departments.

Though he had initially revealed his intention to leave Whawha following their struggles to affiliate with the PSL, the club’s leadership is adamant that Petros, who is also a full-time ZPCS employee, never terminated his contract.

The club however admitted knowledge with his links to MSU FC.

“The official position for us is that Petros is still our coach. Yes he joined MSU sometime back and had some training sessions but he later came back to us and assured us that he will be with us in the PSL journey. I am not aware of the developments at MSU,” said Whawha FC secretary-general Innocent Makoni.

Petros has been enjoying financial benefits from both clubs, with MSU Sports director James Chivivi revealing that he had received the COVID-19 cushions along with monthly salaries.

“The official position with us is that Luke Petros is our head coach. He committed to the club when he signed a two-year contract with us. He has been receiving what all our club members have been getting nterms of allowances and salaries,” said Chivivi.

Contacted for comment, Petros said he can only talk after meeting Whawha FC management.

“I cannot comment yet until I meet Whawah FC management,” he said.

It remains to be seen how Petros will navigate past this debacle, which has potential of leaving him at the mercy of the ZIFA disciplinary committee for contractual indiscipline.

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