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Lack of opportunities drives young people away

by commuadmin

Editorial Comment

According to the recently published preliminary report on migration by Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT), a total of 908,914 people emigrated from Zimbabwe at the time of the census.

There were more males (59 per cent) than females (41 per cent) among the emigrants at the time of their departure.

The Zimbabwean economy and social fabric have been on a downward spiral for over two decades now with a lot of its citizens seeking refugee outside the country.

Recently, the influx of Zimbabweans in neighbouring country South Africa was a trending issue, as the struggling health system and rampant unemployment came under the spotlight.

The highest number of emigrants that were recorded in the census were between the working and active ages of 20 to 40 years old.

“There were more males, 59 per cent than females, 41 per cent among the emigrants at the time of their departure. For both males and females, the highest proportion, 28 per cent of emigrants were from the 20 to 24 years age group (149,273 males and 101,534 females),” read part of the report.

As people leave the country for greener pastures, the available industry also suffers as it lacks skilled workers and the brain drain adds misery to the already suffering economy.

Most of the emigrants are in search of better opportunities that the current government has failed to avail for young people.

Employment (84%), education/training (5%) and family (9%) were the 3 major reasons for emigrating from Zimbabwe for both males and females.

This exhibits the dire situation in the country as the people are mostly in search of jobs, and education while some are following families who have already departed for reasons stated.

The government needs to use the evidence that has been provided by ZIMSTAT to tailor make interventions that are for the public good.

The authorities must avail jobs and create a better living environment for their people, at the same time using available skills to continue to develop communities in Zimbabwe.

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