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COVID-19: Things get worse before they get better!

by commuadmin

Covid-19 is really sending shock waves across Zimbabwe and to Zimbabweeans in the Diaspora. It’s apparently a cause for concern for people who have left their loved ones in search of greener pastures in lands far away from home.

Madhlirapazhe, a fellow dedicated cadre and comrade in arms during the protracted war for liberation, who is also a great friend of yours truly, and is now Head of Security in Kandahar recently sent me a long WhatsApp message and I was driven to tears. He usually sends some hopeful lamentations, but apa Madhlirapazhe vaishungurudzika.

Madhlirapazhe’s main worry is of course the state of our health delivery system and its preparedness to deal with Covid-19. His mother and her friends are no longer young and they are spread across several parts of the nation, so when I then looked at the Covid statistics, I couldn’t help but feel for Madhlirapazhe.

Of course, his other worry which Cde Tichatonga found especially worrying is that Madhlirapazhe is worried about the Minister of Health and Child Welfare himself. He is worried about how Guvheya will handle the country’s health worse when he neglects a woman he shared a bed with for so long. Kuzoti the Child Welfare bit, ummmn regai tinyarare naMadhlira!

To all souls who have succumbed to Covid 19 in Zimbabwe, regai titi RIP.

With such a sombre environment tormenting my mind I almost forgot salutations. Greetings and salutations to you dear comrades, this is your one and trusted O’vet who witnessed the tribabilas incident; muera nhema who when he lies his teeth decay. The only academic credential I have is speaking truth to power.

Ahhh ko Church yangu naGuvheya yakatozobvuma kuti mabhonzo aFr Ribeiro arindiwe nevanhu vane pfuti? But, can someone please tell me why we need armed sentries to guard a cemetery? Mai vangu Moyo iweeee!

Murombo munhu, haavigwi asina kufa hama dzangu. But it certainly looks like most of us are corpses according to the way this Rural Party is treating us. Varume nevakadzi ava vari kuona makuva everytime they sometimes refer to Zimbabweans. I don’t think they see us as living beings vanotoriwo nedzakakwana. Pamwe vhudzi redu vanoona serakamera pazvuru.

How else would they justify Mthuli’s rants about budget surpluses when everyday things for MaMoyo are getting tougher and maKombi achingokwira? How else do you explain the arrests evana vadiki vanaNamatai Kwekweza just for speaking out against evil?

Mako is certainly in my thoughts. All shall be well, takabva neko jere hariurayi mowono! Or the murder of protestors after the theft of the presidential plebiscite? And the gentlemen in the corridors of power go on as if nothing happened?

Oh, and Rest in Peace to Mukoma Douggie. At least you dug your own political grave. Mazvokuda chaiwo, chaiwo. RIP to Mai Mujuru, muripiko? RIP vaMutinhiri, RIP Zhuwawo, RIP Arthur…haaa many Comrades are hibernating for shuwa or need I say if kupera was a person kkk.

So, who is next on the RIP playlist? Vamwe varikuti ndiye iyeye wamukufunga vamwe vachiti haasi kkk. Bhoo here guys?

Once you get to the point where few people who are in Zimbabwe do not care what you do or say, then just know you have gone up shit Creek without a paddle. Kutozama boxing kurinani kkk. Manyuch woyeee!

Today I don’t want to get too much tempted in shooting from the hip lest I wake sleeping dogs. It’s known Comrades that yep-yep is a crime in Zimbabwe but at least today my parting shot will be that let’s stay safe because Covid-19 is real. Let’s mask up even if you are vaccinated. Dzibwa rakationesa ndondo kana kuhondo iri hama dzangu ndoriziva!

I almost forgot developments back home, kwedu kuMidlands kwatinotongera nyika, where I am told Deputy DA Muchenugwa varikuzvindikita mukadzi. Zvakaoma hazvo! In cloud nine are formerly suspended G40 colleagues who were re-admitted into the Rural Party. Yes, they ought to celebrate because they have been again given a licence into the dark corridors of power where many injustices including corruption are rife.

Surprisingly though, niw Kudzanai market in shape I haven’t heard ululations as loud as accusations aligned with renovation of market stalls in Gweru. Hameno, let me go quite lest I am accused of capture or yep-yep. Mhosva havakushairi lol!

My shout out this week goes to Mwendaz WeDrip. Hanzi ‘…tnha dzaunosvikira…’

Aluta Continuation MaComrades.

Adios Amigos.

Tichatonga, Out!


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