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POLAD a forced marriage or avarice?

by commuadmin

This system I surrender. What POLAD stands for recently has come to light after all got awarded for keeping their mouths shut while the majority suffers. Surprisingly however, they will not hefty benefits as those they are defending including a simple fuel coupon.

POLAD is a gang of thieves now I can confidently say. No wonder why most of its member get so thrilled when they are booked into Harare’s five-star hotels to the extent of posting food and swimming pool selfies on their timelines. Vane zhara vanhu ava!

I even now understand why one of my advocate colleagues Comrade Mutongigava Maenzanise at one time challenged to have lobola abolished.

Some of his arguments included that lobola is one of the main causes of inequality between a wife and a husband. Marriage is a significant turnaround point in every human being’s life, yet a woman is denied an opportunity to give her views and opinions in a matter which determines her future and her life. In such circumstances, what will become of tis marriage?

He also argues that One of the traditional reasons for lobola that goes to the heart of equality is that once a bride (POLAD) is married she would be expected to offer services to her husband and in-laws. This recompense entitles the bridegroom (ZANU-PF) to definite rights to the services of the bride. This aspect of appreciation raises the man’s expectation about the benefits that he is to find in the wife, and it might lead to wife abuse when those expectations are not met.

Last but not least, the Comrade also critiqued that virginity of a bride plays a role in lobola as it brings an additional cow to the in-laws. This is a sign that lobola is an institution that is highly sexualized because of the payment of an extra cow where the bride is found to be a virgin.

So, if Comrade Tich says POLAD is a commodified disadvantaged girl vanenge vakanganisa here…? Please note that a husband, however, does not go through the process of being considered a virgin or not. It does not matter whether he is a virgin or not at the time he marries.

Haa this POLAD makes me seem as if am not respectful as again I had forgotten passing greetings to fellow Comrades. Greetings and salutations to you dear comrades, this is your one and trusted O’vet who witnessed the tribabilas incident; muera nhema who when he lies his teeth decay. The only academic credential I have is speaking truth to power.

Ohh, before I forgot, I also got another chance to see Nyakasikana as I left Harare during my flash visit. This time I also made an observation that she is so looking at Monomutapa Hotel. It is from this moment I also realized why she looks sad with her hands always cuddled onto her stomach.

Surely Nehanda has witnessed in this short stint how government funds are spent in flashy hotels as well as witnessing how things happen into the dark corridors of power. I wish she gives me a dream of all she sees so that we expose these crooks!

It was also sad to learn during the week that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission temporarily closed doors at its offices in Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. This means the commission amplified its effort of not arresting the corrupt powerful ones by seven days. Haa ZAAC tinyareiwo. Don’t make us think we bred a chihuahua from a rottweiler when we meant to breed a rottweiler from a chihuahua.

Talking of COVID-19, please ignore a message saying Inter-City travel has opened what-what. If you think am lying, ask Chitungwiza folk kuti yanga irisei block on Saturday. Asi sure how can a sane person block cars in such numbers in the name of implementing lockdown measures. Asi vaida mari kani?

Talking of motorists bribing police, I witnessed that now transport from Harare to Gweru costs USD15 as drivers want to remain with a tip past these blocks. Under such circumstances one is left wondering then is this lockdown about curbing COVID-19 cases or exacerbating corruption?

Some after last week’s facts asked me that they had been told that the vaccine would kill them in two years. I will tell you my fellow comrades that is a lie. The rumor is actually a product of misinformation so let’s not hesitate to get vaccinated. Do not also hesitate using Ivermectine if you really want a fighting chance against this pandemic. Ndini ndadaro!

So, Dougie am told you are contemplating joining POLAD because you also need a car kkk. This guy never stops to amaze me. Zvimwe muti munotamba mukoma! My word to you Dougie is chisingaperi chinoshura, Hip-Hop yakapedza Soul!

As usual Tichatonga feels if he continuous he will soon be accused of yep-yep. It is no lie that speaking truth to power is often criminalised in our land of honey and milk lol. I can’t however go before talking of happening back home, kwedu kuMidlands kwatinotongera nyika.

Am told Midland’s POLAD representative Trust Chikohora and Nata Nyahu also received these vehicles in question. I will however reach out to the comrades in question and get ore information on how such awards are tipped towards nation building when some of the country’s biggest hospitals are running without ambulances

As I await feedback from these local POLAD comrades, let me keep quiet and get you more updates for our next meet up because if I pour all I have today, they will demolish my home kwedu kuDumpsite kwatinogara uko. Yes, yep-yep is often a crime in Zimbabwe so keeping quite in time might be good even if you have more to say.

Unfortunately, this week I had no data to go online but I have had through grapevine that there is a lady who asked out her father in-law. If it’s true pasi pazorohwa nenyundo manje!

Meanwhile, let me take a walk ndakananga kumachills kwamaFidhi. These days only us regular poachers are allowed inside as we work as spies to alert whether police are coming or not and also to assist those who are not allowed to be on the venue to buy our everyday opaque. Very soon am told it will be no vaccine no beer so to my good friends, let’s get vaccinated.

Aluta Continuation MaComrades.

Adios Amigos.

Tichatonga, Out!

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