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‘When injustice becomes a law, resistance becomes a duty’

by commuadmin

So July 31 2020 has been the talk of the town recently, not only the twitter streets even paBahadar Center comrades. People are fed up and have decided to demonstrate ‘peacefully’ against the running government. Agh sorry I meant ruling government Comrades.

Am I over excited over the people’s realisation that demonstrating is their constitutional given right; to forget giving you revolutionary greetings fellow Comrades?

Anyway, you know ndokudai mese and surely the love reciprocates!

Many of you might know the tribabilas incident but today I will recite again for the advantage of those who were absent the day we declared the tribabilas bombing venue a national monument.

Yes, taiva navo Ngwena on the historic event. I haven’t heard kuti since the declaration of the bombing site as a historical monument kwakazombosakurwa here? I hear kwedu kwaVaMuzenda is in a deplorable state. Asi chii nhai. No respect for our liberators!

Anyway, when I was invited by the now President of the Republic Of Zimbabwe at Masvingo train station where he was supposed tell the tribabilas ordeal I was impressed by his clarity and truthfulness. Please note; by then Joyce Mujuru still had the praise for bombing down a helicopter!

So said the President, while approaching the tribabilas and realizing there was an enemy inside, the indicator was thrown to his attention and the signal was ‘Kisimusi yako.’ Yes; attacking the enemy unaware during the liberation was equated to Christmas.

Please don’t quote me wrong. The point back home is if these dudes fought against injustices using weapons why should they deny today’s generation doing that peacefully. You are killing the vibe Comrade President. This is not the democracy we foresaw while liberating this nation.

Who am I anyway encourage you towards building a democratic Zimbabwe when during the same event I have been referring to, you clearly said ‘…democracy is a game of the dead!’

Ko iye Mabhemadanda makamunzwa here, agh, nhasi bhabharasi rakkandikiya. I mean uyu Matemadanda! Hanzi demonstrators want to spread Covid-19 through sponsored canisters kkk.

The youthiz have made it clear inga wani kuti people will be in the streets to show dissatisfaction not to stage a fight. Canisters will be dispatched by state machinery as usual tese tozviziva. It’s not a secret. We have seen that several time.

Message to mkoma Mudha as well. Last time people thought it was a sleep of the tongue when you said you want to embarrass the new dispensation. People thought maida kuti you want to embrace the new dispensation. In actual fact, mamusinganyepi mukoma because during your tenure you achieved switching everyone off internet networks which was a real embarrassment to the state in the digital age.

Asi hatisi kuti zvakanaka ka, please don’t repeat that because our grandsons will have nothing to do added to no jobs. They simply will be communicating nana bae imi mototi Internet ikuda kutora nyika. Asi chii nhai. Ko munovhunukei? Asi mune katurikwa kkkk? Agh wangu muromo ndavhara semunhu mukuru!

Before I forget, Senator Larry Mavhima muriko here. Last week I asked that can you at least give us a breakdown to how the Covid funds deposited towards Midlands Province fight against the pandemic into the Ministry of Local Governance CBZ Account ending 90034 was used and you are still zii.

I never supposed kuti you have thieved like Dj Biscuit. After denying a bribe, I thought you operate differently from whosoever gets instruction from the Shake-Shake building.

Anyway, I will assist you half way to that which I wish Midlanders to now. The account in question has since around mid April received $11 million from cooperates, Chinese companies included. A good gesture from our cooperate world it is.

The account’s closing balance as at Friday 10 July 2020 was $7.3 million meaning you haven’t used much as well. Asi ipapo pashanda ka cde tiudzeiwo! I know you are a gentruman and you will do the right thing.

So Matangaidze is already acting as if he has been readmitted into Zanu PF? Chii nhai Engineer? Covid hamusi kuiziva here iyi. Doro takati rinomwiwa kwedu kuMess chete. Who are you to open Pabloz doors in this crisis?

Since announcement of lockdown inga takataura wani tikati only businesses belonging to those in the revolutionary party can run, including their bars but discreetly. Iwe radio wabva watotindimura!

Please note, you have not yet been re-admitted into the league of corruption saka iti hlo, or else tichakusunga. Infact, you have questions to answer. Iyo police yacho kutonetsa vema saloon ko ava vemabhawa makuru munovatyei? They should be fined as well; heavily!

Haa nxaaa izvi  zvinotsamwisa mhani. Let me reserve my words lest I will spit venom!

Till next time folks, listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours.

Off to the Officer’s Mess kwatomwa hunotonhorera supported by macimbi, pork bones and sadza.

Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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