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RVP remembers the less privileged

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GWERU – River Valley Properties is handing out food and grocery items worth thousands of dollars to less privileged resident in the Midlands Province.

River Valley Properties chief executive officer Dr Smelly Dube and the organisation’s financial director Pastor Richard Chiwara led the handover exercises at the company’s headquarters in Gweru and in the high density suburbs of Mtapa and Mambo where they moved door to door giving beneficiaries.

Speaking during the first ceremony at the company’s offices meant for people with visual impairment Dr Dube said her organisation had seen it prudent to assist disadvantaged people in the community.

She said a number of people had been affected by the Corona Virus and can no longer work for their families.

“Some people were informal traders but due to the lock down they cannot do their businesses anymore.

“We have decided to give food and other grocery items every month where we move door to door delivering the parcels. It is difficult for some of them to move due to the lock down,” she said.

Dr Dube said their target is to distribute 20 000 hampers in the next three months and had so far distributed about 5 000 hampers.

The organisation, is also sawing face masks which apart from giving the less privileged would be sold to the public for 1USD, with 50 cents of that money going to charity.

She said another US$5, from each of the River Valley Properties stand beneficiaries would also go towards the same cause.

“Those seeking medical health from our beneficiaries will be supported, while those who have problems in walking will receive wheelchairs next week,” she said.

Midlands Association for the Promotion of Rights and Welfare for the Blind President Solomon Gwengwe applauded River Valley Properties and Dr Dube for assisting members of his association.

Apart from the food handouts, Gwengwe said Dr Dube had donated furniture for their offices and also supports children of people with disabilities with school fees.

“We told her during this lock down period that some of our members who survive on begging are not able to access their begging points and today she has called us for these hampers,” he said.

Bishop George Mahwende who worked for River Valley Properties at its inception thanked Dr Dube for remembering the visually impaired. Bishop Mahwende has also lost his eye sight.

During the Mtapa and Mambo distributions, Prophet Chiwara said they had decided to give back to the community that raised him as a boy.

“This is where I grew up and today we have decided to come with Dr Dube so that we give food handouts,” he said.

The company gave the aged and other disabled people in the two neighbourhoods.




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