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Legitimising brutality?

by commuadmin

Cde Tichatonga has noticed with serious concern the disdain with which the government is treating people in the face of Covid-19. I mean really guys, how does one explain the way people escaped from quarantine in Gweru?

One would have thought that this is almost like a biological weapon, which, if common sense was as common in our Rural Party run government, should be treated with extreme care and cordoned off under strict conditions.

But nooooo; not this government, no! They do not care. The general citizenry is under attack and so one would have thought security forces and systems would be triggered to monitor movements in and out of quarantine centers to protect the nation, but unobvunza ani?

The case in Gweru is a cause for serious concern. Apparently the Gweru Urban MP, Mr Brian Dube had raised serious concerns about the security of the place well before incident occurred, but instead of the Resident Minister (read Resident Demolisher) taking measures to fix the issue, they decided to use the Herald to rubbish the MP’s assertions. Tragic really! Will he respond to yet another pending petition over vendors? Cde Tichatonga wonders.

How quick the same government was quick to respond to demonstrations in the election aftermath, with live ammunition on unarmed civilians was ‘adorable.’ How they were quick to bring MDC activists to book regardless of the Comrades nursing physical and psychological trauma endured during abduction. Sad!

There were soldiers deployed in the streets of Zimbabwe when there was rumor of a nationwide demonstration, and soldiers on buses, and policemen on every corner, but the same government cannot act decisively regarding health matters that put the nation at risk.

The same government cannot act proactively when it comes to food security that affects the nation. Instead we see Statutory instruments that control the flow of imports and exports, which has had a terrible effect on the economy at the worst or blatantly ignored by the citizens as they are not only impractical, but they also do not serve any purpose.

While the Rural Party government is busy meddling in things MDC through the courts, the country is burning. The pressures exerted by Covid-19, whilst they aren’t of the Rural Party’s making, their response has been so lacking that they are hard to take seriously on any other dimension in Zimbabwean life and the citizens’ livelihoods.

Our borders continue to be so porous and monitoring of human traffic is difficult, let alone smuggled goods, with corrupt government officials having their hands in the cookie jar too. I mean, with the pittance they are paid, it’s a lure that’s hard to resist.

The economy is once again in a free fall and Mthuli naPanonetsa wake zvose naScarfmore are hapless.

But just talk about staging a demonstration against one or other government department uone kumhanya kwavanoita kuburitsa pfuti, motokari dzinotsenga mafuta, ammunition, and other scary paraphernalia. The same police force which hasn’t answered up to now what happened to the MDC ladies recently yet well equipped to silence troubled citizenry.

Chete haaa I am yet to see Crocodile ears. Citizens here would get a better response talking to a brick wall.

What I do know however, is that the questions asked by the masses will get where they are supposed to get. And loudly! And we are all shouting in unison, shouting to be heard, and no matter how tight they put their hands to their ears, or how deep they bury their heads in the sand, our voice they will always hear, loud and crystal clear, because it beats in their heads and on the or conscience. We are tired and Tichatonga!

I can talk and talk but I think I have said enough today. Let me pen off lest am accused of yep-yep. Before I go, one question for Levi Chimina. What’s the purpose of those vehicles dzamopiwa kuParliament nhai mkoma? Zvakanzi mudzidzise vana maiguru vedu driving here or it’ an extra leg to reach out to us? I really need answers brother, like honestly.

I once said it kuti ndotaurisa, maybe vaidzidziswa ndimaiguru vaya who is not known home saka I will keep my peace for now. A reminder though is whether vari maiguru vekumba or spare wheel, Marriage Act yakuvachengetedza vese saka ngavadzidze mota kuitira pane zvazoitika vanomhedurirana kkk!

Till next time folks. Listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours. Off to the Officer’s Mess kwatomwa hunotonhora supported by macimbi, pork bones and sadza. Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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