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Gweru enters USD6 mill development marriage

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The City of Gweru has today signed a USD6 million contract with two developmental partners, Bentach Resources and Cassas Properties, a move meant to refurbish demolished vending stalls.

The City of Gweru in compliance to Cabinet resolution asked vendors to pull down their stalls to facilitate for renovations which are commencing today (1June 2020).

Vendors complied, though with heavy hearts as they questioned council ability to renovate the demolished stalls in time let alone accommodate them all.

Bentach Resources will renovate Kudzanai Terminus while Cassas Properties will revamp Wimpy and Mtapa terminuses and further their work to refurbish Kombayi Vegetable Market.

Having a background of non-completion of projects as contractors either put projects on halt before completion or do half backed jobs, acting Town Clerk, Vakai Chikwekwe said they have signed a water tight deal which provides surety to project completion.

“This agreement is water tight. It’s a solid agreement that will definitely sail through. The clauses in the signed documents will make sure both parties meet their end of the bargain.

“The total cost of the agreements combined is USD6 million. The development partners will commence work today and are expected to complete in four months time. The developing partners will be paid back in royalties,” said Chikwekwe.

Speaking at the same event, Mayor Josiah Makombe said the signing ceremony is a milestone the city has achieved.

“The signing ceremony is a milestone that the City has achieved. This follows a cabinet directive to take advantage to clean and refurbish our cities.

“To renovate as a city was difficult for us considering expenses. That is why we called for those with resources to assist and today our development partners are here,” Makombe said.

Prospective vendors are already applying with council anticipating to occupy completed stalls.

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