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Silence is not golden

by commuadmin

Kunyarara hakusi kutaura, quipped a famous author. One can try to censor information and the spread of the word, but ultimately things will fall apart as the centre buckles under pressure and won’t hold.

We are now alive and living in the world of multiplicity. There are now as many worldviews as there are think tanks. One remembers vividly when the erstwhile Minister of Information and Publicity Jonathan Moyo and his sidekick George Charamba tried to control and direct public opinion by their insistence on 100% local content.

Smart phones were not in vogue then. Now almost anything can be found on the internet and it’s almost just a finger tap away. Yes, Hopewell has been imprisoned several times, and so many other journalists and activists, but their injections are still as loud as ever, even louder now in the media in all its forms.

Even the silence of the silent objectors is deafening now. Their silent uproar is screaming loud enough to burst the eardrums of the goons in the echelons of power. No amount of imprisonment and curtailing freedom of expression is going to silence us.

Oh salutations! I had forgotten again as am overwhelmed with this zeal to spit out the fire burning inside me. Greeting and salutations to you dear comrades, this is your one and trusted O’vet who witnessed the tribabilas incident; muera nhema who when he lies his teeth decay. The only academic credential I have is speaking truth to power.

Anyway, I digress, oh so the coup announcer is no more? Yes, indeed, the situation in our country has reached another level.

When you see a highly morally refined people such as Zimbabweans now begin to go against our cultural values and actually celebrate the death of a person, then you should know zvatosiyana.

While Cde Tichatonga was going through his social media pages, and no surprise there, a lot of Zimbabweans were actually celebrating the recurrent deaths and supposed COVID-19 infections in the presidium. Ahh zvaiita sekundishamisa asi handina kuzoshamisika. What did I expect? That people of Zimbabwe would wear sackcloth and sit in ashes?

Also, equally shocking were the ghosts of Reuben Barwe and Patrick Chinamasa speaking kkk. Hanzi they hate us for the good we are doing kkk. Zvimwe muti munotamba vakomana.

Anything Rural Party now seems to stand for rags, oppression, selective application of the law, and corruption these days. It seems people have been beaten to the level of saturation now they are impervious to pain, especially emotional pain

Deaths and the moral dilemma in the Zimbabwean collective subconscious are what we are suffering from. The dilemma being almost like Catholic guilt. We are not allowed to enjoy the moments our tormentors die because of our upbringing. But Cde Tichatonga is hereby debunking the system.

I am silently celebrating the deaths of some Zanu PF bigwigs, much against what I was brought up on: Never to scorn the dead!

But who wouldn’t take the time to savour the moment of a natural purging of the destructive forces of Zim?

‘….is there a place, for the hopeless sinner, who has hurt all mankind, just to save his own belief?’ sang Bob Marley…and can’t we just as easily translate that to the Zimbabwean political landscape, especially the regime holding the levers of power currently?

So, there are a lot conspiracy theories flying around at the moment. The best I have had the happiness of coming across is that the Zanu PF bigwigs have gone and found some vaccine for Covid-20 and injected themselves to ensure longevity in power, and now they didn’t know the side effects so vaakufa senhunzi. Lots of people are having a field day with the deaths of these authors of the suffering obtaining in Zimbabwe.

Mind is still boggled however why is it when the ordinary person complaints of hunger and poverty no action is taken but millions if not billions are spent on health pandemics that threaten lives of the powerful? Food for thought!

Well, I am well aware of the social and moral dilemma that the issue I treated here is likely to cause, and in as much as the human being in me has a conscience, I am always sorry about the heartache that strikes those who have been left behind.

I am getting to that point where I feel those who work in cohorts with the ferret force would accuse me of yep-yep. Yes, like I always say, speaking your thoughts is a crime in Zimbabwe when it’s however permissible in our capital city South Africa kkk. If you know you know.

However, let’s give thought to those that have been affected by the recurrent floods and assist in any way we can. We are indeed our brothers keepers.

Till next time folks, listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours.

Off to the Officer’s Mess where we poach ice cold beer supported by macimbi, pork bones and sadza. Sad how I will however walk barefooted kuenda kwedu kwatinogara kudumpsite where bad odor, flies among many other ills are the order of the day.

Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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