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Crime, Corruption and Corona Virus

by commuadmin

Crime and corruption have always been closely related but the coming of Covid-19 brought in yet another ‘C’ for ‘Corona Virus’ that has seen the exacerbation of the former two.

During today’s revelations Comrade Tichatonga will treat the subject as ‘CCC,’ and of cause the abbreviation is followed immediately by a disclaimer to correct those with political mind that it is not in any way related to ‘Chamisa Chete Chete’.

Talking of Chamisa, eish, vamushungurudza vakomana but alas, change is near and God is in it!

Yes, I think his mantra is right, blaming him or not. See kuti zvikuzviita zvega sei? Kuita hwegwereveshe kkk. How can a legit leader lose 13 000 followers in less than 48 hours? Handei tione! Let me not talk yedu Shona iri deep-deep iyi because I have overheard some saying some words slip them.

Talking of what I hear through these sound loose walls is that heads are rolling medu muGweru City Council umo. Muromo waComrade Tichatonga hauwiri pasi, hezvo Chingwadza I warned you and you chose to ignore. How would you dare not listen to the sound of liberation prophecy?

Anyway, tik-tok; tik-tok; time is ticking and again if you don’t use your time wisely, unoenda kujere iwe. You think residents are happy over your efforts to try and thieve the whole Kudzanayi terminus? Hahaha if you had won this I would only rate you second to Kombayi akayambuka nemusoro wechitima!

Asi mmm, be warned! Like I said, time is ticking and if you don’t make the right moves, you won’t be affording your horse shoe shaving style in the near future and even your step; yako iya. If you know, you know. My mujibhas also tell me you called in sick having heard kuti tsamba dzesuspension dziri munzira, how ingenious kkkk. Nyadzi dzinokunda rufu chokwadi.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank the Acting Town clerk for at least implementing resolutions from documents hidden to us.

We might not know the contents of that land audit document but the handwriting is clear on the wall that it recommended disciplinary action on Chingwadza for engaging in underhand deals during the time he doubled as Acting Chamber Secretary and Estates and Valuations Officer.

Talking of shocking incidences happening behind the City walls, I still have a question as to what exactly happened to Engineer Manatsa. The only crime he committed publicly was to post pornographic material in a residents’ WhatsApp group. Now I hear he has rendered a resignation letter. Comrade Tichatonga really has question marks on this one but don’t worry vanamujibha varipo pabasa. Tichazvitefenyura!

So many of you might know that Covid funds have been abused and answers are with the task force committees on how these funds have been used. Today I call upon our provincial task force led by Comrade Senator Larry Mavhima to confirm the respect I have for him and the way he has handled the Ministerial office to date by accounting for Covid-19 donations publicly.

Just this little transparency we demand Comrade Senator Mavhima. My humble plea as you document though is to also publish statements to funds received into Ministry of Local Government CBZ Account number ending 90034 along with invoices on how the funds were used.

Many may be amused on why I respect this guy. To date he is the only Minister who has been offered a bribe and said no. And by Minister, I mean the ones in political office, and not men of the cloth. Maybe I am wrong but today I cleanse his name after he refused to accept a hefty bribe, because as we all, know our Ministers in government have a strong affinity to reaping where they did not sow, but apparently, not this truly Honourable Minister worthy of the title, Honourable! Yes, tinenge tichizviziva plus tichizvinzwa.

To those who might not know, those guys from Reden Mine who shot our black brother and sister for demanding his dues tried to bribe him and his response was, ‘vangatigona here’ followed with a wry smile.

Shockingly, they had denied talking to the Minister saying they don’t understand a word in English so when it came to offering a bribe, I thought they would use sign language kkkk.

Let me curtail my words lest I will be accused of telling truth.

Before I go though, I would like to take time and appeal with fellow Gweru Residents to please assist Sam Ndlondlo. Many of you may know him as an active, energetic and visionary Sports Administrator but if you see him today, that’s not it! The guy, who, unfortunately, is now blind, is struggling to make a living after ZIFA has failed to pay him his dues more than a decade after retirement.

A special Thanks also goes to River Valley Properties that has done a good work towards alleviating poverty in communities throughout the lockdown period. Seeing Smelly Dube in Mtapa and Mambo giving groceries and meeting the elderly door to door truly humbled me. Some say she has a political office agenda, but after having several dances with Comrades cum politicians, I did not see that ambition but just a good heart.

Like I said, I need to pen off before they victimise me for kutaura chokwadi.

Till next time folks, listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours.

Off to the Officer’s Mess kwatomwa hunotonhorera supported by macimbi, pork bones and sadza.


Since the introduction of radio, Officer’s Mess has also become one of my favorite places in town. The sad part however is that most of the times we listen to the music from phones since the speaker is faulty. Am sure part of the Covid-19 donations will be channeled towards putting a HiFi at our favorite place tinyatso jamba maspeaker bhoo.

Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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