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Can abductions, tortures ever be justified?

by commuadmin

Many have been tortured while many others have disappeared in this struggle towards attaining democratic independence.

Ngwena has brought us no change but rather the democratic spaces have been further muzzled especially following the operations of the ferret force in arbitrary arrests, torture and abductions.

As Comrade Tichatonga bids farewell to Dr Partson Dzamira, it’s also sad that it is today nations remembers those who disappeared and definitely, any Zimbabwean would think of Itai Dzamara.

A family of revolutionaries indeed and suppose the ‘ferret force’ have taken his life, the family still needs to know. It will allow them to be at peace with their hearts.

Itai Dzamara disappeared in 2015 and to date his whereabouts are unknown. Surely this behavior cannot be justified Comrades.

This week I come to you in a somber mood Comrades following how the state tries to justify torture, abductions and all shenanigans they put in place to scare the citizenry from demanding their democratic space. Alas, revolutionary greetings to you comrades and comrades.

It is a privilege in Zimbabwe to criticise the state and evade the dreaded hand of the ferret force and surely Comrade Tichatonga celebrates every minute as it passes. I can also neither stop talking truth to power because like you know, ndinoera nhema, if I lie ndinoora mazino as is the norm we all know; if you eat your totem your teeth will decay!

But have you seen fellow Comrades how the state was left with an egg in the face after the expose on how Tawanda Muchemwa’s abduction was revealed.

Shame on Impala Car Rentals for acting like a chameleon! One day you say this and after pressure pilled on them, they change statements. Surely your business empire will crumble for associating with evil. It should be known that one who holds the ladder for a thief to do his job is also a thief and why not prosecute such people?

The state of affairs is sad but bad cannot flourish forever and surely as little Chamisa would put it; #GodIsInIT kkk. Ndezvemeso!

Ohh, I had actually forgotten to say congratulations to Comrade Tribabilas for his two years milestone in power. Yes, the guy is delivering election promises but we don’t just see because the policies are anti people.

Remember we promised rehabilitation of roads and considerable progress has been recorded on a better positioned road that is headed for Sherwood farm as compared to the Harare-Masvingo-Beitbridge death trap.

It should also be known that the road to the airport which Ngwena frequents a lot matches international standards. Ehe, ko imi munoidii carpet semunokwira ndege kumudarika. Also remember kuti munofana kutongeka macomrades; simple!

The bread crisis has also been eased and we all know how. Takubika chingwa pambaura Comrades kkk.

Transport hatitauri, plenty Zupcos are sufficient for the general populace kkk. Ukatoda kuenda kumalifts police will refrain you and tell you enda kuZupco and ironically they will beat you for defying lockdown time checks. Haaaya!

Anyway, the achievements are too many not mentioning his doctorates, the cold mortuary nezvimwewo Comrades. Pasi nevasingadi budiriro!

Young overzealous Nick also tells me ZAAC has seized USD8 million and luxury cars and surprisingly these are properties mainly owned by those who were aligned to the Grace Mugabe faction. Is USD8 million also close to the USD15 billion yakarehwa nemushakabvu Baba Bona? Haaaa zvimwe muti munotamba vakomana!

VP Mohadi also decided kukambaira and travel by road. I wonder whether that was a humble gesture or ndege dzaondomoka and no one to fix lest we talk of shortage of experienced pilots.

Do these guys ever consider how expensive it is to feed people for simple cutting a ribbon while many others are sleeping on hungry stomachs? Chete power is corrupt and most of those in power won’t see they don’t have the supposed power until they are sacked. Those who think am lying should ask my nigga, once a Minister and now fighting for his freedom in the courts, Machaya.

Talking of kwedu kuGweru kwatinotongera nyika, it’s sad how the Province is largely aligned to the President while it’s being run down by incompetent comrades. For the first time Mkoba has gone for more than a month without water.

When it gets hot as it is already now they start fingering each other and obviously those in elected offices suffer and in this case they are after Makombe’s head. Varikuda musoro wake mundiro because he gave a strong elbow blow to Chingwadza who in this case was the unknown land reservoir for the big kingpins.

Let’s not fight and deal with issues in a just and traceable manner. Let’s set politics aside and build cities kwete zvamukuda kutiitra izvo nxaaa.

The point back home though is abductions and tortures have no place in our society. They should never be allowed and surely chisingaperi chinoshura. Ndazviporofita ini Comrade Tichatonga kuti democratic rule will be attained sooner or later.

These issues kill my vibe whenever I reach out to you comrades and usually I don’t like talking out of bitterness lest I will be accused of yep-yep.

Till next time folks, listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours.

These days Officer’s Mess is closed and I have got no place to poach the precious drink from. Sad, ndoti kunhuwirwa nedupsite, kudya nhoko dzezvironda and now no beer kana chivharo che scud zvacho.

Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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