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Joy for consumers as DCK provides goods at subsidised prices

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GWERU residents have expressed gratitude to local businessman Douglas Kwande who runs DCK shops in Gweru following his efforts to provide affordable commodities during the lockdown period.

This comes at a time local consumers had taken advantage of the pandemic to charge exorbitant prices and cash in on consumers amid getting most of the retail commodities at subsidized prices.

DCK has been selling basic commodities as 10kg mealie and bread for RTGS90 and RTGS50 respectively.

This is in contrast from other retailers selling the goods for USD3 or RTGS240 and USD1 or RTGS100 respectively.

Consumers however expressed need for the businessman to partner with retailer outside the CBD so as to assist the elderly who cannot reach the city with ease frequently and at the same time help locals who fail to access the city due to the subsequent lockdown.

“DCK is currently doing good service to the community though our plea as consumers remains that he spreads wings to maybe partner location retailers so that the basic commodities are available to those who can’t reach town with ease as a result of the subsequent lockdown,” one consumer, Soukolunhle Dube said.

“All local entrepreneurs should emulate what DCK is doing since the pandemic has affected not only Zimbabwe but the world at large. There is thereby no need to take advantage of the situation to profiteer while your brother suffers. We should be humane and unite if we are to survive this pandemic,” another consumer, Douglas Marongwe said.

Meanwhile, Farm and City is the only other shop after DCK that are providing subsidised mealie meal for the public.

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