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‘I have always dreamt of brighter days’ – Leona Lillie

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Blessing Nduku

GWERU – Making a grand appearance through a cover video singing Tocky Vibes featuring Ex Q’s hit Wakatemba Gweru’s budding music sensation Leona Furious known as Leona Lillie in the music circles says she has always dreamt of being a star.

Her music journey however dates back prior to the release of the famous cover video on You Tube.

“I was a Starbrite contestant about three years ago; I was in form two by then,” she explained.

“It is thereafter that I signed a contract with Pro the Best who owns Basic Black Pro the Best Records from where I released two singles; Garaikoko and Pala,” she added.

She however says following the cover video, stardom came in a flash for which she greatly appreciates the assistance from her manager Prosper Kumirai and sponsor Gary King.

“Things happened so fast such that I ask myself whether I am really me or not at the end of the day. I however owe this part of my success to my manager whom I once ignored upon identifying the talent in me and my sponsor for assisting through hard and good times,” she further said.

Currently, Leona Lillie is looking forward to doing some work with Adiswa Bansa from Joyous celebration and a surprise cover for her growing following.

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