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Chibaya breaks silence, says ‘am not deterred by threats to life’

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Johannes Chin’ombe

GWERU – Mkoba constituency MP who is also MDC Alliance national organizer Amos Chibaya has said the ‘attempt on his life’ will not deter his work towards attaining a new Zimbabwe.

Chibaya was on 10 May 2020 involved in an accident with a Central Intelligence officer (CIO) Norman Kujoka.

Emerging details suspect that the accident was a ‘foiled attempt on the vocal legislator’s life by the state’ as narratives tell that the CIO operative made a u-turn in front of Chibaya’s vehicle along the Gweru – Zvishavane highway.

In an exclusive interview with CommuTalk, Chibaya said he is going to take legal steps against Kujoka.

“My silence was because I was recuperating and now am fit. I am now planning to take steps and seek justice on the attempt to my life. The perpetrator has since paid acceptance of guilt through a ZWD500 fine paid to the police recently.

“Since he has accepted his crime, it’s now time to answer through the courts of law on other charges against him and also making sure my vehicle is back in shape or replaced. My lawyers will handle the issue,” Chibaya said.

“I am also not scared and I am neither deterred to continue the work of building a new Zimbabwe. I am energetic as ever,” he added.

Towards stabilising skirmishes that recently befell the party after the supreme court ruling naming Thokozani Khupe the party’s President, Chibaya said they have since launched the ‘Five Big Fights’ campaign.

“Zimbabwe will soon be in the rightful hands and as a party; we don’t stop fighting the enemy as that would be betrayal to multitudes of people who look upon us. We have since launched the Five Big Fights campaign.

“We will under this emphasise that Nelson Chamisa is the party President. The other fights include that for better livelihoods to suffering Zimbabweans, security of persons as you are aware how the state is trying to persecute and silence MDC stewards, battle against corruption then finally struggle towards constitutionalism,” Chibaya further said.

Zimbabwe has a long history of ‘mysterious’ accidents and Chibaya’s crash has been considered one of them.

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