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Zanu PF Youth League responds to recently imposed sanctions

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GWERU: The ZANU PF youth league has taken aim at the United States administration over the recent imposition of sanctions on individuals and companies saying the recent move is illegal and is an attempt to perpetuate neo-imperialism at a sovereign state.

The response comes following an announcement by the US government that added four Zimbabweans and two companies while removing 17 people from the sanctions list this Tuesday.

Among those on the new sanctions list are Emmerson Jnr Mnangagwa, a member of the First family and Sandra Mpunga, wife to popular businessman Kuda Tagwirei.

“The propaganda regime of the aggressor tries to ensure that Zimbabweans must not accept other Zimbabweans as being honestly successful. Any citizen who excels in a country where all must be wallowing in misery awaiting the return of the white man to save us from sanctions must be vilified. With no evidence, private citizens are now being punished for succeeding in their own land,” said Zanu PF Youth league Secretary for Legal Affairs, Phenius Makombe during a presser held earlier today in Gweru.

On the way forward, Makombe says the league will continue to follow guidance from President Emmerson Mnangagwa who has been clear on the need for peaceful re-engagement efforts while possible legal routes have not been ruled out.

“If we are to look at the latest list, you find that not even a single individual is an ex-convict. These are hardworking individuals helping the country to develop through offering employment. While others would have retaliated using violent means or targeting the Americans, our approach is guided by the party and national leadership.

Our President has made it clear that we need to let the peaceful dialogue continue. The re-engagement has its own results which are very positive and why not pursue such,” Makombe added.

However, in the announcement statement, US Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian E. Nelson said Zimbabwe must take measures to make meaningful reforms that respect the rights of citizens.

“We urge the Zimbabwean government to take meaningful steps towards creating a peaceful, prosperous, and politically vibrant Zimbabwe, and to address the root causes of many of Zimbabwe’s ills: corrupt elites and their abuse of the country’s institutions for their personal benefit,” he said.

Since 2003 the United States has annually renewed and reviewed the sanctions list, maintaining that the ultimate goal of sanctions is not to punish but to bring about a positive change in behaviour on the part of those blocked.

“The goal of sanctions is behaviour change. Today’s actions demonstrate our support for a transparent and prosperous Zimbabwe,” added Nelson.

The Zimbabwe sanctions program is a policy-driven program that targets human rights abusers and those who undermine democratic processes or facilitate corruption.

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