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Tachiona worried about an uncertain future after being shot by Chinese boss

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Itai Muzondo

GWERU – Victim to a labor dispute shoot out; Kenneth Tachiona says he is no longer certain about his future since he has become disabled after being shot by his Chinese boss Zhang Xuelin following a salary dispute at Redan Mine in Gweru.

CommuTalk caught up with Tachiona who is now recuperating from his Chirumhanzu, Chishuku village homestead a locale he says has given him a torrid time travelling to Gweru three times a week for review.

“I am recuperating but doctors have said my right leg will not be functional again. The major challenge am facing currently is traveling four kilometers in a cart to reach the bus stop before another hustle to catch lifts to Gweru for review.

“I am supposed to make three visits per week but I fail in most times because transport is a challenge considering the lockdown. Sometimes I will be with no funds since the current arrangement is that I use my money and be replaced through Xuelin’s lawyers,” Tachiona said.

Tachiona also dismissed claims that he was granted USD20 000 compansation by his Chinese bosses.

“It’s a lie, I never received $20 000 as purported in media circles. The only money I have received to date was USD2000 that was given to my family to assist whilst I was in hospital,” Tachiona clarified.

Signs of pain showing as he visibly struggles to stand for long; Tachiona says his life will never be the same following his new condition which will not allow him to work as before.

“As you can see, I cannot stand meaning to resume my work and have things run as they were before would be a lie. I am a father of six and two of my kids were in boarding school. How I will fend for my family remains my biggest worry now,” tachiona added.

“My wish is for justice to prevail. If I am to be compensated, the courts should act justly. It is also painful to know that an attempted murder suspect is walking free outside jail,” Tachiona further said.

Xuelin stayed in prison less than a week before the Masvingo High Court granted him a ZWD10 000 bail and is currently appearing in court on routine remand. He is set to appear in court on 8 September 2020 after the court further remanded him out of custody on 6 August 2020.

Tachiona’s wife Shupikai Matarirano says life has not been the same since her husband go injured.

“Besides him going to work, he also used to help do gardening for which produce was sold to help sustain the family. He was hard working but now it’s different, you have to bath him and do many other things he could do alone before. I however pray for strength so that a way be provided moving forward,” said a worried Matarirano.

Tachiona’s unfortunate incident has since been used a case study to how Chinese bosses have ill-treated their employees in Zimbabwe’s mining communities.

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