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Shurugwi school girl attacked by a baboon

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SHURUGWI – A Shurugwi school girl was last week attacked by a baboon as wildlife-human conflict seems to be on the rise in Shurugwi.

The attack comes shortly after Zimbabwe’s sole broadcaster raised the alarm of how monkeys and baboons had brought sleepless days to Shurugwi residents over competition for space.

Helen Chakauya (6) sustained deep wounds in the buttocks following the attack.

Helen’s parents are now appealing for US$200 for the treatment of the child who is admitted at Makarima Hospital in Shurugwi.

Helen’s father, Lesson Chakauya of Ironsides, Shurugwi shared his daughter’s ordeal.

“She was playing with other children outside the house when baboons came running their way.

“The children panicked and ran towards the house but one baboon turned on Helen, lifted her up, chewed her buttocks and threw her into the air. The baboon left her lying on the ground and ran away,” he said.

The community has since launched a fundraising campaign through Hellen’s school so as to assist with the girl’s expensive medical bills.

“Hope we find everyone well. We are kindly asking for community assistance to help a young schoolgirl who was attacked by a baboon. The bills are hectic and out of reach for the parents while the girl is also seriously injured.

“The child learns at Charles Wraith and anyone with assistance can reach out to the school,” read the message for appeal from a community WhatsApp group.

Hellen’s father also confirmed the need for assistance.

“Helen needs three injections and one is going for US$140 while the other two go for US$30 each. I don’t have the kind of money, I have approached the Social Welfare Department and I am appealing to anyone who can help.

“Her wound is so deep that doctors had to cut flesh from some parts of her body to fill up the wound,” said Chakauya.

In a related case, elephants were recently seen roaming Shurugwi resettlement and it is the first time a baboon has attacked a human being in the emerging human-wildlife conflict.

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