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Repaired boreholes bring clean, safe water to Chirumhanzu

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CHIRUMHANZU: Villagers in Chirumhanzu’s Ward 7 in the Midlands Province have pulled resources to repair two boreholes in a bid to advance the provision of clean water.

The area councilor Jericho Mazarire said community members from two villages, Machinja and Urayai villages, united to repair the boreholes as provision of clean water had become a challenge in the area and consequently leaving villagers with no option than to fetch water from a clinic 8km away.

“We came up with a committee to look into the issue of access to clean water as boreholes we had were all broken. The villagers cooperated fully and funds were raised to buy the parts needed to repair the two boreholes.

“Manpower to repair the boreholes came from the villagers themselves,” Mazarire said.

“It is quite encouraging that villagers can mobilise themselves and approach the leadership to solve the water problem affecting them,” added Mazarire.

Encouraged by the swift coordination, villagers say they are tipped to continue uniting towards developing their societies.

“Having shown a sense of unity which I would say is born from a sense of ownership, unity and development, we are tipped to achieve more in as far as our society’s development is concerned. We are encouraged and plans are already afoot to embark on other developmental projects,” said a villager, Averino Chipadza.

Access to adequate clean water and sanitation in Zimbabwe continues to be an issue, especially for those living in rural areas. While many organizations have been working together to improve these issues, inadequate access threatens to worsen the spread of COVID-19.

In order to alleviate the impacts of COVID-19, the Swedish Embassy in Zimbabwe says it has increased funding for “resilience-building” in the country.

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