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Prosecutor throws in towel as damning evidence shows in court

by commuadmin

Johannes Chin’ombe

GWERU – The courts were recently left in awe after Chiwundura MP Levison Chimina released damning evidence against prosecutor Namatirai Chipere in a case where the former was seeking recusal of the later on allegations that she was an interested party in a case she handles a case over an MDC supporter while she is a known Zanu PF supporter.

Chimina together with City of Gweru employee, Charles Machangira and a bus company supervisor, Leticia Mteliso are accused of assaulting a Zanu PF youth, Thomas Moyo on 10 January 2019 after he had invaded Kudzanayi bus terminus rank together with other ruling party youths to illegally collect parking fees from buses.

Besides providing pictorial evidence of Chipere in Zanu PF regalia (see story cover picture on website), Chimina also alleged that the prosecutor had been bribed to make sure Chimina is jailed.

“The State’s representative is a Zanu PF activist who has been paid USD500 to ‘deal’ with me. She also threatened to deal with me publicly prompting her to voluntarily take over my case from another prosecutor.

“Chipere also told people at a local car wash that she was going to send me to jail without fail,” Chimina told the court.

The prosecutor failed to challenge most of the allegations and threw in the towel by recusing herself from the matter. She also alleged photos of her in Zanu PF regalia were photoshoped.

The case was postponed to allow the state to engage a new prosecutor.

Wellington Davira of Gundu, Dube and Pamacheche legal practitioners stood in as defense team.

Tavengwa Sangster presided over the case.

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