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Platinum Djs take Gweru by storm

by commuadmin

CommuTalk Reporter

GWERU – Facing the threat of being irrelevant because of the subsequent lockdown, Gweru disc jockeys have regrouped to suit the new normal and have since gathered a considerable following through their weekly live stream, Platinum Djs.

Speaking to CommuTalk, Platinum Djs Executive Manager, Blessing Nyanhete popularly known as Dj Blesh in the entertainment circles says the idea seeks to keep them in touch with their fans as well as managing a living under the new normal.

“We are trying to provide entertainment to people who were used to seeing us since clubs and many other entertainment hubs are closed. Through the show, we also spice up things by inviting guest artists so that the shows will not be monotonous.

“The initiative has also assisted Djs in bringing back relevance. The lockdown has also been going on for a few months now and people have been affected differently. In the long run, we wish the show to give Djs monetary benefits as we are currently engaging cooperates to support our initiative,” Nyanhete said.

“To date, Mahogany Sounds, Casa Photos and Africa’s’ Trending have been assisting us. We are also trying to expose our local talent to the world,” Nyanhete added.

The grouping consists of Gweru’s big show-biz names like Brickcity, Blesh, Crocx, Mupsy,Tunemaster and Oxygen.

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