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NGO condemns destruction of the informal sector

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Church based non-governmental organisation Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe (CCJPZ) has condemned the destruction of the informal sector in Zimbabwe by local government authorities during the Covid-19 lockdown which started late in March 2020.

To help them reflect on the ground situation, the organisation has been collecting experiences, observation and opinions of the people through situational reports from its local stakeholders in different parts of the country.

CCJPZ said that even though they applaud the local government in its efforts to complement the fight against the Coronavirus, they should find more collaborative efforts to help the less privileged members of the society.

“We recognize the critical need for government and the city councils, to collaborate with the private sector and NGOs, to rather assist the poor of our society in this time of need, instead of destroying their very source of income without prior warning or providing alternative livelihood,” said CCJPZ in a statement.

They urged City Councils focus on economic empowerment of citizens rather than destroying the informal sector considering that the economy of Zimbabwe is largely based on the informal sector.

“It is of importance, that the City Councils stop the destruction of the informal sector and focus on a speedy measure to help the people recover during and after the lockdown,” the organisation reiterated.

This comes as various City Councils across the country took advantage of the current five week lockdown to demolish informal market stalls and cabins which were dotted around most urban residential areas and other undesignated places.

This move has been largely condemned by vendors, resident groups and associations since there are no alternative places developed to accommodate the displaced vendors.

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