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Mvuma Presidential input theft fracas; accused denies charges

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CHIRUMHANZU: After the arrest of Grain Marketing Board (GMB) Mvuma depot manager, Tawanda Mutsavi, over Presidential inputs theft allegations, the accused is pleading not guilty.

Mutsavi was arrested on 31 January with two others, Wadzanai Sakutukwa and Batanai Dube, for allegedly conniving and stealing 37 * 50kg bags of fertilizer which were supposed to be distributed to beneficiaries.

A police report alleges that the fertilizer was sold to one, John Mataruse’s hardware at USD24-00 per bag. The report further points out that Mataruse made a USD888-00 payment to Dakati who later handed the money to Mutsavi.

Now out of custody, the accused persons are yet to be called back to court by way of summons.

Mutsavi, who is now on suspension, however says he is being pulled into political fights he knows nothing about.

“I was surprised to know that I am being implicated in this case because I know nothing about this. All I heard is that there had been investigations where police were searching hardware shops in town and the next thing, I was arrested.

“Surprisingly, as the case is now, some politicians have actually confronted me apologising for having me involved in a mess I know nothing about. Am also told that those who got me arrested thought they would get to their targeted political culprits for which I know nothing about their wars,” Mutsavi said while avoiding implicated names.

Locals however suppose that an immense battle of supremacy between Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe legislator Prosper Machando and Chirumhanzu legislator Barbra Rwodzi is the root to this brawl which was bended to expose the former.

Mutsavi’s plea also comes amid assumptions that he is being persecuted on behalf of some big names behind the supposed theft and it is also believed that the big names behind curtain have suggested to have the case settled outside court.

The out of court settlement however is being suggested amid the fat that National Prosecuting Authorities (NPA) made a decision to stop complainants from withdrawing matters before the court through affidavits saying the practice had no legal grounding.

Several sources have also told CommuTalk that the two fighting parties have been engaging through the District Development Coordinator’s office currently manned by Vafios Hlabati to find common ground and settle their differences that have roped government employees into dirt.

“What I have seen in this matter is an issue of fighting political factions. No one has ever brought the GMB’s manager to my table save for politicians who seem to be at war. I won’t mention names though.

“Issues were reported to my office about corruption and mismanagement in distribution of Presidential inputs. I denied being accompanied by politicians for fear of politicizing the project but when I went alone, surely there was a big mess,” Hlabati said while giving his account on how he understands and how he has been managing the issue.

“I came back and tabled my findings with all 25 councilors and these politicians present. I emphasized how these inputs were to be handles but soon after the meeting, complaints kept coming. It was now a matter of the other faction reporting the other faction all in a bid to thwart the other,” he added.

“Coming to Mutsavi’s involvement, I do not understand. To me he says he only had accumulated bags of fertilizer in kind from people he assisted. His arrest is also something else as we do not even know police officials assigned to investigate and arrest him neither do we know whose instruction they executed the said investigation,” further said Hlabati.

Hlabati however concluded that investigations into the issue is still ongoing.

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