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Mkoba addict axes auntie’s friend to death

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Evidence Chipadza

GWERU: A Mkoba woman’s life was abruptly ended when her friend’s grandson aged 17 viciously attacked her with an axe this afternoon in Mkoba 16 after she tried to solve the misunderstanding between the two.

The horrific incident has sent shock waves through the village and surrounding areas of Mkoba.
According to sources close to the area, it is alleged that the teen was under the influence of drugs to the extent that he went berserk and started breaking windows.

Worried about property damage, the aunt and the now deceased forcibly opened the door to try to refrain and calm the suspect down.

This did not go well with the boy as he locked the door and struck Charity Moyo (59) on the head with an axe and she sustained some injuries.

The people who were outside broke the door to rescue the deceased.

Moyo was rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital (GPH) where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Police have confirmed the case and said the suspect, Tatenda Jamari (20) is believed to be mentally ill.

Meanwhile, the community blamed the police for the slow reaction since the incident occurred opposite Nehanda police station.

“It happened a few meters from the police station but police did not come to rescue. What then the use of having a police base in the community,” shouted the angry mob at the scene.


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