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‘It’s Never Too Late’ says upcoming musician Gozho

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Thelma Wandayi

GWERU: Staple Lewis’ quote, “you are never too old,” resonates well with Tachiona Gozho, a local musician who has started his musical journey at 37.

One might wonder why he decided to begin his music career at this age. The upcoming musician says this was the perfect opportunity to display the talent he had been nurturing.

“I am an independent artist and since been practising for a while but, l was waiting for the right time to release a unique sound that was crafted perfectly and I felt that this was this year as it had reached the level I wanted,” said Gozho

Gozho says his love for music dates back to 1996 when he was in grade 7.

“I started writing and composing songs when l was still a scholar back home in Chirumhanzu with a band called Kupa Kuzhinji Brothers Gomera with the inspiration of my friend who later became my in-law,” he said.

Inspired by musicians such as Hosiah Chipanga, Thomas Mapfumo, Oliver Mtukudzi and Mike Mopo, his passion for music and songwriting started growing.

An electric guitar mixed with a simple booming bass, dominated by an ethnic rhythm sound intertwined with hosho (shakers), mbira (thumb piano) and tribal drums are greatly combined in his latest single titled Dzihwa Mupengo.

The song rises awareness over the current ongoing fight against COVID-19.

“The message for the song was about the current pandemic at the same time it is a message to thank the Almighty for keeping us alive, especially in times like this,’’ he said.

The inherent powerful vocal styles, interchanging between the melodious and captivating lyrics in his latest single titled best describe his unique sound.

“I write most of the songs myself. They are inspired by the need to educate people and inspire them”, also said Gozho

“On this single, it just happened when l was l passing near the Mbudzi graveyard sometime back l realised that l am blessed to be alive looking at the number of graves l was passing through”, he added.

Gozho hopes to release more music in the coming months and have an official launch soon.

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