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In Zimbabwe, justice costs an arm and a leg says murder victim’s family

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Thelma Wandayi

GWERU – Many have known how a Mkoba 13, Gweru family had one of the most tragic experience after they lost their father, Charles Musekiwa following attacks by gatecrashers who demanded and got denied food at their family party while many however might not know the trauma they are currently enduring after such an experience.

Surely, Tinotenda Musekiwa’s (19) birthday will never be the same again!

As many people celebrate such days, for the youthful Tinotenda it will remain some psychological torture following how his birthday celebrations led to a double tragedy.

After his father succumbed to internal injuries from the attacks by gatecrashers, Tinotenda also lost a five day old young brother who suddenly died from the effects of decreased breast milk from the mother as a result of stress emanating from the unusual turn of events.

“If we had known earlier, we could have supplemented his feed but unfortunately we realised the insufficiency a little late,” the family laments.

To Tinotenda, whois currebtly healing a fractured leg, these gatecrashers were just ordinary people he could not identify as friends but those who stay in the same area with him and it was painful to see them walk scot free after they had been initially arrested and the court had given them a ZWD1000 bail each.

“I escaped the attack through God’s grace. I recall regaining consciousness while in a neighbor’s house following an attempt by the rowdy gatecrashers to attack me with a garden folk and seeing them walk free a few days after their arrest. I even asked myself how the justice system gets to make decisions,” Tinotenda told CommuTalk in his recount of the sad event.

Only one culprit Brightworth Kaputo (28) has since been arrested while the other three, Bright Mulauzi (20), Marshal Muza (19) and Joseph Zulu 28 are at large.

Brother to the late Charles; Edward Musekiwa has however written to the Gweru magistrate’s Court seeking answers to how attempted murder suspects were released.

Also quizzing his mind is how the suspects were charged with assault in court while police dockets showed that their charge is attempted murder.

“This letter serves to put on record my displeasure…the accused were released not considering the conditions under which the victims were in, as they were both admitted in ICU at Gweru Provincial Hospital…these criminals have joined us again and truly speaking this move put us in fear of crime and loss of trust in the judiciary,” Edward wrote.

“The responsibility that I am left with after my brother’s tragic departure is big for me to fit as I also looked up to him. The best I can do for now is seeking justice as the inconsistencies in charges might be interpretation of underhand deals at play.

“The victims’ initial charge at police was attempted murder and at court their charge was assault. I have approached the police they say nothing has been changed in the dockets and they have proof to that. I have also approached the courts and I was told not to interfere lest the police will drop the case,” Edward told CommuTalk.

Back in rural Zhombe, Edward says elders are also equally shocked by the silence shown by the accused persons families as they never came to apoligise after the incidence and neither did they come to say condolences after Charles’ departure yet they stay in the same neighborhood.

Ironically, they stood and fought for the release of their arrested sons.

Pulling through the interview was even harder for widowed Sophia Matya.

She held her breathe, hands tightly folded and her watery eyes to gush out the heavy tears of anguish she is trying to hold back.

The whole house filled with dead silence, sorrow lingers, lines of anger forge the forehead displaying all the pent up frustrations that are obstinately flustering the mind.

“I don’t know where I will start from. The pain is unbearable. Justice on the other hand seems expensive but we hope one day it would be attained,” is all Matya could say.

Some of the burdens she now faces include putting food on the table, paying rentals and school fees among many other responsibilities.

Charles was laid to his final place of rest on 28 August at his Zhombe rural home. He leaves behind three children, one girl and two boys.

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