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Djs Mzoe 7, Pressure in Covid-19 collaboration

by commuadmin

Tafara Mutsigiri

Kwekwe – Mzobanzi ‘Dj Moze 7’ Mlauzi based in Bulawayo and Anorld ‘Dj Pressure’ Chimedza based in Kwekwe have landed a collaboration in their move to help raise awareness on the Covid – 19 pandemic.

The track, ‘Corona – True Story’ encourages the general populace to take Covid-19 related restrictions seriously and complement government efforts to fight the pandemic.

Mlauzi told CommuTalk that raising awareness targeted to diverse audiences with different tastes was important in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The song is all about raising awareness. Recipients of information are moved by different packaging of music and that’s why we chose ‘House,’ a genre that has built us an audience over the years thereby giving guarantee that the track has recipients who will learn one or two things from the messages packaged.

“Musicians therefore have a key role in educating audiences about Covid-19 is concerned. Keeping fans entertained is also healthy for them in these trying times,” Mlauzi said.

“Government should at this time incorporate artists at community level as a strategy to spread Covid-19 prevention messages in different artistic styles. As artists we are willing to assist and thus engaging in our personal capacity amid the distance to package messages in appealing ways,” Chimedza added.

Chimedza also highlighted that it was an honor and encouraging sharing the microphone with a well known disc jockey.

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