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Cestoball Association draw positives from lockdown

by commuadmin

Heather Chikonan’ombe

Gweru – While most sports associations in the country have been frozen by the corona virus induced lockdown, the newly established Cestoball Association of Zimbabwe (CAZ) embraced the lockdown as a blessing in disguise as they step up preparations for their first ever international tournament to be held in Argentina this year.

Association President Amon Madzvamuse said they utilized the lockdown days to recruit players online and also complete their registration since cestoball is a new sporting code to Zimbabwe.

“We took positive notes from this much talked about pandemic. I can confirm that as of now we have managed registration and recruitment of players online. This will be followed by a build up workshop to be held at Allan Wilson on a date to be announced,” Madzvamuse said.

“The main cause to the continuation with the call of duty is inline with Zimbabwe participating in their first ever international tournament set for Argentina in October.

“Then lockdown has forced us to work and surprisingly in a swift manner since we are making preparations towards our maiden attendance for the cestoball international tournament slatted for October in Argentina.

“Being our first international appearance, we look forward to shine and raise the country’s flag high. We won’t be overambitious though but we will also take the tournament as a learning curve and make sure Zimbabwe rises in this new sport,” Madzvamuse added.

Cestoball is a team sport that is very similar to that of netball which originated in Argentina in the late 19th Century. In 1986, the sport changed its name from ‘pelato al cesto’ (ball to basket) to cestoball making the old Argentine sport dynamic and to bring its rules into closer harmony with korfball and netball.

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