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Zanu PF Midlands clears air on Chiwenga visit snub

by commuadmin

CommuTalk Reporter

KWEKWE –The Midlands Province Zanu PF leadership has come forward seeking to set the record straight over reports that local leadership last week snubbed Vice President Constatino Chiwenga visit.

Reports say that the Provincial Chairperson Eng Daniel McKenzie and most of his subordinates had neglected welcoming the Vice President, a move which led to suspicions that tensions and divisions in the ruling party were growing.

In a conversation with CommuTalk this week, Provincial party spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri however dismissed the reports and also said Zanu PF is still intact as ever.

“I think this is an area where I need to set the record straight. Leadership never snubbed the Vice President’s visit. We all welcomed him but as you know, he was supposed to visit two different venues and logistics called for us to make sure things were in place.

“Zanu PF is also still as intact as ever and false reports on the other hand should be clarified as they are meant to give a false image of ourselves,” Mupereri said.

Vice President Chiwenga had visited Kwekwe on a field day and from Harare he was accompanied by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube and Agriculture deputy Minister Vangelis Haritatos while Agriculture Minister Perrance Shiri who had been expected to attend was absent.

Moreso, Kwekwe based party bigwigs Owen Ncube whis the current Misniter of State Security and July Moyo who is in charge of local governance were also visibly not in attendance.

Speaking at the event, Chiwenga told farmers that wheat production was essential for development of the country.

“The agricultural sector is a key economic enabler which propels and generates growth in all sectors of the economy. The sector also provides the much needed household nutrition and national food security.

The production of winter wheat is therefore essential for the country as it provides the raw material for bread and confectionery industry. In this regard, there is need for increased investment by the private sector and individual famers to augment government efforts in revamping the sector,” Chiwenga said.

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