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Zanu-PF Kwekwe primaries turn bloody as Matemadanda, Ncube fight for superiority

by commuadmin

CommuTalk Reporter

GWERU: Zanu PF primary elections to replace late Kwekwe central legislator Masango Matambanadzo have turned bloody following violence that supposedly ensued as a result of a battle of superiority between the party’s top chefs, Minister of State Security Owen ‘Mudha’ Ncube and party National Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda.

The two superiors are reportedly backing a candidate each with Ncube behind his nephew Energy Ncube while Matemadanda is fighting from Kandros Mugabe’s corner.

Details in possession of CommuTalk however show that Ncube has the numbers and support from the party’s bigwigs while Mugabe, a popular gold buyer had supposedly bribed Matemadanda and other party chefs to gain victory.

Knowing their backups, both candidates ended up clashing following a dispute over which voters roll was to be used in holding the primary election.

The Kwekwe Central Constituency structures were rejecting the use of ZEC’ voters roll in the primary elections with many accusing Matemedanda and the election presiding team of corruption after he ordered the use of the 2018 elections voters roll which many said favored Mugabe who was also the party’s 2018 constituency’s candidate.

The supporters actually demanded use of cell registers only.

The presiding team rejected the demands amid revelations late last week by the Provincial party spokesperson that votes will be cast from the cells.

“We have set up centers across the constituency and the electorate will be casting their ballots in their respective cells. People who are registered in cells are the ones who will be able to vote,” Mupereri earlier said.

On the other hand, Mugabe had complained of an ‘uneven’ campaign ground.

Several vehicles parked inside the district HQ yard were damaged during the disturbances with one unnamed police officer and several party supporters reportedly injured.

Unconfirmed reports also say Rtd Col Panganai Kahuni who was part of the presiding officers was left injured after the violence that emerged.

The Kwekwe Central Constituency was left vacant following the death of NPF party sponsored MP, Masango ‘Blackman’ Matambanadzo who died this year of suspected food poisoning.

Meanwhile, the election has been postponed for the first time after it failed to take off on Saturday due to unconfirmed reasons.

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