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Former ZIFA administrator falls on hard times

by commuadmin

CommuTalk Reporter

GWERU – Former ZIFA administrator, Sam Dhlodhlo has fallen on hard times and blames the local football body for his current state after they failed to pay his pension.

Dhlodhlo spent more than two decades at ZIFA before leaving four years ago but he is still to receive his retirement package.

CommuTalk tracked down Dhlodhlo who is now visually impaired at his Mambo home where he is living with his two grandchildren.

“My plan was to extend this house and get tenants from whom I would get rentals from as a way of survival,” Dhlodhlo said as he took reporters to see his house.

“It’s disappointing that one would have committed himself to work for quite a long time only to be released with nothing tangible. I go for nights without a meal. Last time I got grocery donations from River Valley Properties I had spent three days without a meal,” Dhlodhlo said.

Dhlodhlo also said if his retirement packages had been released in time he would not have fallen blind.

“I am now blind just because I had no money to get spectacles as required by my health condition when I got sick. Doctors however say I still have a chance with my right eye but still I need monetary assistance,” he added.

During his time as soccer administrator, the Midlands Province witnessed much advancement in the world of football including introduction of women soccer and decentralising the league so as to reach out to rural communities.

He still dreams of a booming sporting environment.

“Sport should never stop. Look at how healthy I am. Just hunger and blindness are my challenges otherwise I am healthy and fit. Sporting activities if handled well help remove

ZIFA Midlands administrator Gift Nyapomwe referred questions to Phillemon Machana the ZIFA board member finance.

Amid all his efforts to get paid hitting a brick wall, Dhlodhlo is hopeful that ZIFA that has recently complained of financial constraints will one of these days call him and offer him his dues after FIFA announced USD1.8 million COVID-19 package bail out to ZIFA.

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