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100k top up, 25k groceries for former ZIFA administrators’ golden handshake

by commuadmin

CommuTalk Reporter

GWERU – In a supposed response to pressure from the fourth estate, ZIFA recently reached out to its retired long serving administrator for the Central Region Sam Dhlodhlo with a top up of ZWD100 000 top up to his undisclosed retirement package and groceries worth ZWD25 000.

Dhlodhlo through several engagements with CommuTalk has explained how the soccer governing board had deserted him amid his commitment to the growth of football during his two decades service while based in the Midlands province.

In a clip published by CommuTalk, Dhlodhlo regretted having spent his time at ZIFA only to be an invisible giant after retirement.

Cooperates, referees and other members of the sporting fraternity who had formerly worked with Dhlodhlo and sympathized with him helped him with food handouts for survival.

During one visit by River Valley Properties to hand him a food hamper, Dhlodhlo disclosed he had gone for three days without a meal.

Having fallen blind, Dhlodhlo also said the situation had exacerbated his incapacitation and had fingered blame to ZIFA that if they had given his exit package in time, he would have acquired treatment for his sight before falling blind.

In honoring Dhlodhlo, Felton Kamambo said his ZIFA board is on a drive to compensate all their former employees who were thrown by the wayside by the former administration.

“We are on a drive to help our former workers get what they deserve. It is not fair for one to work for such a long time and not be honored.

“So we have started with Mr Dhlodhlo and next we will be doing the same for Tadeous Machawire in the Eastern Region,” he said.

“Critics might come but I am proud  to say we are doing our best to help our workers by improving their welfare as well as our former workers except for a few who decided to take us to court,” he added.

Dhlodhlo was also presented with a long service certificate.

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