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Of the cash-in-transit transit heist that shook the country, suspects remanded in custody

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GWERU: A whole fake police roadblock with robbers donning full police gear, one brandishing an AK 47, and waving a Fawcett cash in transit vehicle before robbing the security company crew of cash amounting to US$ 334 000 was news that shook entire Zimbabwe recently.

The country like any other nation had witnessed many weird robbery incidents but had never experienced such kind of a robbery heist in which the ‘robbers’ can be so daring to stage such a robbery scene while in full police gear.

The Fawcett vehicle, after being diverted from the Gweru-Kwekwe High way near Connemara Prison into a narrow dusty road before the ‘suspects’ force opened the door and got away with a coolly $333, 209 loot in a getaway car.

The Fawcett crew members, with no scratch, no attempt at protecting the company’s asset despite being armed, had also lost the company firearms, their cell phones and were left blindfolded.

Even the police rank and file were shaken much to the effect that official details confirming the heist were hard to come by as the security forces sought to unravel the circumstances around the robbery incident before jumping into commenting.

Everyone was rattled at the level of crime with many discerning minds wondering where the country was heading to.

But surely, lies have short legs as it took it only took one over-excited suspect to give police a lead that the heist was an inside job as he was seen flashing green bucks on his social media status.

The Fawcett crew had been tempted by the amount of the ‘Obamas’ as USDs are often referred to in Zimbabwe and decided the unthinkable, to stage-manage a robbery scene, albeit lacking the skills.

Led by Langelihle Moyo (42) who was the crew commander, Bongani Mapfumo (29) driver, Emmanuel Nhamo (32) gunman, and Thomas Chisambadzi had probably not rehearsed the plan when they arrived at the 243km between Gweru and Kwekwe on their way to Harare and decided to divert into a bush.

Police said with the help of other suspects the crew had picked from Bulawayo, force opened the vehicle back door before opening the trunk and stealing money.

The suspects then blindfolded themselves before some of their accomplices made their way with their loot.

Police said the Fawcett crew then made a false report to the police that they had been robbed.

They have since appeared before a Gweru magistrate facing robbery charges.

Police have also since accounted for another external suspect, Blessing Luwizhi who is reported to have sold out the whole robbery incident after pictures of him posing with part of the loot. One of the pictures was found in his wife’s mobile phone.

The wife, Josphine Ndlovu has also been arrested and cash amounting to $18 000   was found in her possession.

They were all remanded in custody to 17 December 2021.

Police are still to account for other accomplices namely, Sibusiso Ngwenya, Mandla Ncube, Nqlobile Moyo, Khumbulani Nyathi, and another only identified as King.

Meanwhile, a resident of Connemara Open Prison quarters, Jeffry Nyoni who said he was part of the locals to arrive at the scene soon after the alleged robbery incident said the scene was not showing any signs that there was a serious case of an armed robbery.

He said all the Fawcett crew were in their full combat with no one appearing to have been harmed.

“What also surprised me when got to the scene after the news got into our quarters that some security company guards had been robbed near our complex was those guards were in their smart gear, unscratched with no one looking terrified,” said Nyoni

“We know how violent these armed robbers are but then, in this case, leaving their victims without even a scratch, was something enough to suspect an inside job,” he added.

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