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Midlands Zanu PF DCC in slow take off

by commuadmin

Johannes Chin’ombe

GWERU: Bad weather delayed ZANU PF’s internal elections in the Midlands Province, with the voting process set to continue this today.

CommuTalk visited a number of voting centres where eligible voters were patiently waiting for their time to cast ballots.

Zanu PF Acting Spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa, who is leading the Midlands elections directorate team, said bad weather affected logistical processes leading to delayed start to elections.

“The weather has not been very friendly which resulted in the delays in conducting the elections. We have received news to the effect that part of the team that was dispatched to Gokwe has failed to cross a river but however measures were taken to ensure that they reach the intended destination,” Chinamasa said.

Zanu PF Secretary for Women’s Affairs, Mabel Chinomona however decried lack of women participation in leading roles in the party elections, urging women to be proactive in politics.

“On our part we have tried to encourage women to take part in key decision-making positions. We have realised that most women tend to put their energy on women league positions as opposed to taking part in the main organ.

“There is still fear amongst women to take leading roles and we will continue to encourage our counterparts to take leading roles where there is a chance for such to take place,” Chinomona said.

The DCCs, which were dissolved in 2012 had to be reinstated following a ZANU PF conference resolution of 2019.

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