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Mberengwa school teachers, pupils protest deputy head’s mysterious death

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MBERENGWA: Pupils at Mberengwa’s Chemimwe High School have reportedly gone on protest following a mysterious death of the school’s deputy head who reportedly collapsed and died moments after an altercation with the headmaster over school WIFI.

Sources close to the incident which occurred last Friday said the now deceased deputy head, only identified as Mr Muneri was involved in a nasty argument with the school head, Cephas Ravengai on why he was monopolising the school Wifi password.

“They exchanged harsh words in front of pupils and teachers but the head dug in saying he would not give him (Mr Muneri) the WIFI password. Some few minutes after the argument, Muneri complained of a severe headache, he collapsed and was rushed to Zvishavane District Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” said a teacher at school who declined to be named.

The witnesses said the argument which attracted the attention of other staffers and pupils left many wondering and terrified by Muneri’s sudden death.

The witness further said there has not been lessons at the school since Monday with both teachers and pupils demonstrating against the head while demanding answers to the deputy head’s “mysterious” death.

“There has not been classes since Monday with demonstrations rocking the school. The head sought the services of the police but the police who came to the school could not manage to convince the pupils to get back into the classes,” added the source.

The school head, Ravengai declined to comment over the matter.

Acting Midlands Provincial Education Director, Robson Machimbira confirmed the deputy head’s sudden death and the demos that ensued at the school.

He however, said he was still to get a report from the district education inspector who was seconded to the school to investigate the events there.

“I understand there is turmoil at the school following the passing on of the deputy head at Chemimwe High. I have asked a district inspector to go and investigate and unfortunately he had to attend another funeral of our district official there and we are yet to get a report,” he said.

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