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Kombayi retains Gweru mayorship

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GWERU: Ward 1 councilor Hamutendi Kombayi has today retained the City of Gweru Mayoral post after beating his contender, Martin Chivhoko with 11 votes to four.

Total cast votes were 16 and one vote was spoilt.

Kombayi’s first step to victory was in an earlier primary election held by MDC-T councilors today where Kombayi contested and won against Edison Kurebgaseka (Ward 9). Two other candidates, John Manyundwa (Ward 18) and Charles Chikozho (Ward 10) who wished to take part in the election were disqualified for unknown reasons.

“Being disqualified and everything may have happened but as City Fathers, we must not keep grudges. We should support the new incumbent Mayor so that we deliver towards the development of our City as mandated to us by residents,” said Manyundwa after being disqualified.

One Faith Kamutsungira who was identified as MDC-T Secretary for Local Governance administered the elections amid indication that all executive representatives were hosted for a dinner at the run-down Midlands Hotel by Kombayi last night.

Kombayi who did not say much in his acceptance speech emphasized unity.

“Let’s work together for Gweru. We want a better Gweru going forward,” he said.

Kombayi replaces Josiah Makombe (Ward 2) who was recalled for paying allegiance to Chamisa.

“Democracy called for us to be part of the elections regardless of Mwonzora’s shenanigans. We are even happy that we now know that only four councilors are behind President Nelson Chamisa,” said losing contestant Martin Chivhiko who openly accepted that he is of the MDC-Chamisa following.

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