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Couple survive suspected arson

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Evidence Chipadza

GWERU: A Woodlands couple survived a suspected arson attack after an unknown suspect threw explosives into their house.

Police are treating the matter as malicious damage to property and investigations to find the culprit(s) are underway.

Police identified the couple as Angeline Masarakufa (30) and Maxwell Dera (35) of 2183 Woodlands Phase 2.

According to police papers, the couple had retired to bed with everything in order only to be awakened by a big ‘bomb like’ sound.

“It was around 0100 hours when Musarakufa heard an unusual sound and she awakened her husband to find out what was transpiring. They rushed out of the house since they were experiencing difficulties in breathing.

“While they were outside the house, another explosion was heard on their vehicle which was parked in the yard. Masarakufa got injured on the left leg,” says police documents in possession of CommuTalk.

Terrified at the sight of a fuse plugged near their bedroom window, the couple moved out of the house to seek temporary shelter and assistance, CommuTalk read.

“They saw a fuse near their bedroom window and suspected that some explosives were used to damage the property. A police report was also made and the ZMA bomb disposal team was advised.”

Ward Committee Development member, Obert Rupanga, who was one of the first people to arrive at the house said the couple had been lucky to escape unhurt.

Several valuables were destroyed in the ‘detonation’ and the total cost of goods damaged is yet to be ascertained.

Police says investigations are in progress under case file ZRP Nehanda RRB 4822099.

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