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Nyathi engages Shurugwi youths

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Tendai Gumbo

SHURUGWI: To further engagements on community development, Member of Parliament for Shurugwi North Constituency, Honorable Ronald Nyathi and his wife held a luncheon with youths from his constituency.

Addressing a small gathering as per Covid 19 regulations, Nyathi encouraged young people to set aside their political differences and work together as one to ensure that Shurugwi town develops.

“We are not here for politics, I called you here so that I can hear from you how best we can develop our town into a better place,” he said.

The MP also took the time to inform the gathered youths of the opportunities that the government has already put in place to support business start-ups by the young generation.

“I know that most of our youths are not invested in our national TV station, hence they do not know about what opportunities our government has put in place.”

“Most youths are crying about not having the capital to start their businesses, but today I come bearing good news. We have the Women’s Bank and the Empower Bank which we have established a good relationship. They are issuing out loans, all you have to do is to draft a business plan and I will stand with you as your guarantee so you need not worry about collateral,” Nyathi said.

Reiterating her husband’s call to avoid procrastination, Mrs Nyathi went on to encouraged the youth to get out of their comfort zones and work to fight poverty.

“Poverty is all over the world, we as the youth must know that the mind has the power to change situations. Poverty can be caused by a failure to recognize opportunities. I encourage you today to set targets, get out of your comfort zone and work hard till you make it.”

She also castigated the culture of waiting for handouts and blaming the President for not providing opportunities to the youth.

“A lot of people are blaming the president for not developing their lives but let me tell you that as rich as Donald Trump is, he will never go into the streets giving out money to his people because they voted for him you should learn to work for yourself.”

Unemployment is one of the greatest challenges that Zimbabwean youths have been facing and Shurugwi is not spared from this predicament.

There has been a high-sounding call for the government to capacitate youths and implement various youth policies that are meant to guarantee future development and a conducive entrepreneurship environment.

According to the recent statistics by Afrobarometer on Zimbabwe, people want the government to address the issue of unemployment most than any other issue.

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