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Zimbabwe’s only weapon in the demand for integrity is in tatters

by commuadmin

As the world will commemorate World Press Freedom Day this week under the theme “Journalism Under Digital Siege”, it is only crucial that as a country we introspect and recognize the role that media has to and is playing to bring authorities to account and demand integrity.
The digital era has brought with it opportunities for the media to innovate and find new ways of gathering information.
However, this year’s theme comes in recognition of some efforts by governments to suppress and control the digital landscape as a way of silencing the media and human rights activists.
Digital authoritarianism is a threat to information gathering and exposes journalists to digital attacks which might be detrimental to sourcing and protection of privacy.
These values are essential to investigative journalism which is largely contributing to the fight against all forms of corruption in the country.
This brings us to the core of the issue. The media in Zimbabwe has a bigger role to play in demanding accountability, integrity and transparency as they are the bridge between the citizens and the authorities.
With a free press, other corruption-fighting departments such as the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission, the National Prosecuting Authority and others can be strengthened through the availability of evidence and independent research.
On various occasions, the media has fought impunity, exposed clientelism, forced government action, fueled public outrage and prompted further investigations into cases of corruption.
However, many challenges have been met and during this period it is only prudent that we highlight those challenges.
To effectively play their role, the media has to be saved from jumping the hurdles of red tapes, threats, delaying tactics from government sources and above all restrictive laws( some jumping in to curb the freedoms that came with the internet).
Despite the efforts being put in place by other anti-corruption bodies, the media remains the strongest yet the most challenged player.
As we move towards the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day, everyone must be reminded of the role that the media plays in cultivating a culture of democracy, how it provides a platform for citizens to demand answers and how it contributes to the development of this country.
Even a broken pencil can still write.
Aluta Continua!!

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