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Zambia awakens Zim politics: Time for more action, less words however!

by commuadmin

After taking advantage of Lungu’s maladministration and poor handling of the Zambian economy, Hakainde Hichilema won the recently held elections after trying for six times.

It was an exciting time for Zambia. It remains a mystery if the excitement will hold as Hichilema faces the daunting task of turning the economy.

The winds of the Zambian opposition victory blew over the southern parts of Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe, where the opposition is yet to secure a tangible win in over two decades.

The news of the win torched a splinter of hope to Zimbabwe as people took to social media and celebrate Hichilema’s win.

One of the opposition leaders, Nelson Chamisa could not hide his joy, which led the current President to throw jabs at the opposition leader.

“Let me tell you before you ask me if anyone dreams of what happened in Zambia crossing over to Zimbabwe, wake up and brew some beer,” he said.

Speaking to the private media, Chamisa said, “No abuse of electoral bodies, police, military and intelligence services shall be accepted or tolerated. We are next (to) win Zimbabwe for change.”

The opposition has been crying for electoral reforms in the previous years and this is the time for them to be seeking those reforms in preparation.

The expressed feelings are as if the Zambian win can automatically be time-jumped to Zimbabwe in 2023.

The game is back in play. The ruling party is already a gear ahead with its campaigns. Recently, they have been penetrating the market using the entertainment sector. As the incumbent, Mnangagwa has the upper hand, with some rehabilitation programmes in motion to gloss over his reign.

However, Zambian problems are typical of Zimbabwe problems. Only a leader who will prove capable of tackling these problems can easily steal the hearts of the masses.

It’s time Zimbabwean politicians prove themselves to the people and proffer solutions that bring real hope for a better Zimbabwe under their leadership.

Remember any actionable change, from whichever party is still changing. People will go for it.

More action, less words!

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