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ZAAC descends on GCC

by commuadmin

CommuTalk Reporter

GWERU: The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption (ZAAC) team yesterday arrived at the City of Gweru offices to ‘possibly’ commence investigations on alleged acts of corruption by senior officers at the municipal offices.

Confirming the development to CommuTalk, Gweru Mayor Cllr Josiah Makombe said the ZAAC team led by ZAAC Commissioner and spokesperson John Makamure had indeed arrived with officials from the Ministry of Local Governance and Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (ZINARA) to review and pass recommendations on council operations.

“The three teams are here and they will ‘possibly’ look into issues we reported. Above all, they are however in the picture to review and recommend on council operations and how they ought to operate,” Makombe said.

Makamure however said his team in conjunction with the Ministry of Local Governance were solely on a mechanical routine visit meant to review council operations and pass recommendations.

“We are not hear for anything outside reviewing council operations and passing recommendations. I know there might be issues that need investigations but ZAAC can not guess what rot is happening inside City of Gweru so generally, we urge the general populace to reach out to us and report corruption.

“Once a case is opened, ZAAC will put the matter on record and follow ups can be made and also when reporting a case, whistle blowers are guaranteed protection if they don’t want to be known. We also urge those who report issues to at least bring tangible evidence,” Makamure said.

Gweru has been on the corruption radar since publication of the land audit that exposed underhand land deals which led to the suspension of Estates and Valuations officer Gibson Chingwadza. Prior to this, council had already suspended Town Clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza on mismanagement charges.

Residents have also of late announced intention to demonstrate against corruption at the town house following a report that senior officers had directed money paid for rates to be deposited into their personal accounts.

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