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Villagers pool resources to build expectant mothers shelter

by commuadmin

Munyaradzi Muchina

CHIRUMHANZU villagers in the Midlands district, Ward 7, have pooled resources to build a home for expectant mothers at Hama clinic in a bid to help local pregnant women access maternal health care.

Councillor for the ward Jericho Mazarire confirmed the development saying the move was meant to reduce maternal deaths through reducing distances covered by women inorder to access such facilities.

“Our community has become more united than ever and we are proud of such accomplishments. I cannot ascertain the cost of the development now but what is visibly needed is equipment to fully furnish the home.

“We expect the waiting shelter to help in reducing maternal deaths as more women would be able to deliver at the clinic rather than at their homes,” Mazarire said.

Currently pregnant women in the ward are referred to St Theresa Hospital at Charandura growth point, some 30 km from the clinic.

CommuTalk was further told that to accomplish the task, villagers contributed labour, food and expertise.

“The villagers came together contributing building materials and moulding bricks as well as labour,” Mazarire added.

This is not the first time that the villagers in the ward have united in developmental projects in the area.

The community has also repaired two boreholes in a bid to access clean water.

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