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Two killed, eight injured in a soccer results fight

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GOKWE: A disputed goal at a social soccer match in Gokwe left two people dead after being stabbed by an okapi knife while eight others are nursing stab wounds, one of them is reported to be in critical condition.

Witnesses to the incident which occurred on Monday in Gokwe South, under Cheif Nemangwe, said several players were

injured in the milieu resulting in the abandonment of the match.

“It was a social soccer game which started in a thrilling fashion with two rival teams playing it out to a 1-1 draw at halftime.

“All hell broke loose around the 56th minute when the Nemangwe Boy scored a second goal which was then disputed for an offside,” said Lionel Mutero who was part of the crowd of spectators.

He said a fight started between players later extended to spectators most of whom he said were drunk.

“It was a fierce clash as people used logs and knives to attack each other,” he added.

Midlands Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident and said two of the spectators, Pardon Muchaitei and Edmore Murindiwa were later stabbed to death after they started stabbing rivals.

“It is alleged that the now deceased Pardon Muchaitei and Edmore Murindirwa who were drunk and were spectators at the sports field became violent and started attacking fellow spectators,” said Insp Mahoko.

“The now deceased Muchaitei was the first to stab one Danford Sibanda on the back and another spectator who was not identified. Muchaitei then handed over the Okapi to the other deceased Edmore Mutindwa who then stabbed five of their rivals, namely Cephas Ncube (52), Vengesai Mazhinduka (48) Titus Sibanda (70), Jabulani Kufa (18), and Silvester Kufa (22). A mob then teamed against the two and attacked them,” he added.

Insp Mahoko said the matter was reported to the police who rushed to the scene.

“When police arrived at the scene the mob dispersed and Muchaitei and Murindwa were found lying on the ground in a pool of blood and multiple injuries. They were rushed to the hospital where Muringwa was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Muchaitei then passed away some moments after being admitted into the hospital,” Insp Mahoko further said.

Other injured spectators are admitted to Gokwe District Hospital.

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