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Midlands Agric Show roars into life, lament reduced exhibitors

by commuadmin

Elias Maginya

GWERU: After failing to take place last year due to the Covid 19 pandemic, today marks the beginning of a four-day show program by the Midlands Show Society at the show grounds in Gweru.

The event is meant to give way to traders to showcase their wares and sell their products to the masses at a large market.

Exhibitors are drawn within the Midlands province and beyond.

The province attracts businesses and investors from mining, agriculture, medical, commerce, education, hospitality among other sectors.

Midlands Show Society chairperson, Augustine Mupakurirwa said all is ready and highlighted notable events to take place during the exhibition.

“We are good to go and we shall be observing all Covid 19 protocols. The 28th of October is saved for traders, they will meet fellow traders and possible clients. The Big day is Saturday, the 31st where the event will be officially opened. Best exhibitors will be honored at the same event,” he said.

The event will be running under the theme ‘Embracing climate change and social-cooperate responsibility’.

“Our weather conditions are unpredictable these days. We call on our people to adapt to the new patterns of climate change. We encourage the cooperate world to plough back to society. Basically, that is all about the theme,” Mupakuri explained.

However, there has been a slight decline in the number of exhibitors. Normally, exhibitors range from 120 to 130, but this year to date, 97 exhibitors have committed owing to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic.

He however expressed gratitude as sixteen new entities have secured their stands. Notable, interesting new exhibitors include the Department of War Veterans Association and the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission.

In previous editions, Midlands artists cried foul as they felt sidelined.

Mupakurirwa said the society addressed the issue of Midlands artists’ participation on the stage as entertainment is part of the show. He says local artists are an important entity to the society.

“The show is theirs, we want to help them to develop to be national artists. We have to promote and sell them to the world. Only that we have limited time, otherwise we would love all Midlands artist to take part”. He said.

This time around Samukoko, The travelers, Xiddo, Yullessis, and the Deeproots, and Legion among others will be performing. Visiting artists include Bazooker and Boss Pumacol.

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