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The big red-line between evil and civil servants

by commuadmin

This one took me out of hibernation Comrades. Now I agree with your calls that Tichatonga should never go mum lest Hopwell Chin’ono will be overburdened with the duty of speaking truth to power.

Barrettes off and salutations to Daddy Hope!

Think of that time Drax International had nearly succeeded in silencing the press through a press release that threatened to arrest anyone who speaks about their underhand deals with government. Hopewell was the lone hope for reigniting the fight against corruption.

Talking of Covigate, ko vasungwa vaishandidzana naDj Biscuit vanoti George Guvamatanga, Mutuvi Ncube naCollins Mnangagwa vachiri kuitei panze?

If it was Van Choga involved in this scam, what do you think would be of him today?

This culture of keeping corrupt people in power is not being done in Harare only but cities such as Gweru as well. Catch and release being the operative phrase.

Those who know Gibson Chingwadza from Gweru City Council and his history will agree with me. Asi if he doesn’t resign ega, tichamunyadzisira because kana isu vana Comrade Tichatonga torova pfuti tinoridza anti-air.

This is not an empty warning Comrade Chingwadza, my Comrades and I are serious. Gara waburuka because ndege yauri ichadonha!

Honestly, I had gone in hibernation as earlier alluded to because wounds endured in the war give me problems in winter but after noticing the big gap between government workers, I have been moved talk.

The day of fasting finally came and as we prayed for corona to go, it seems others were praying otherwise because government announced salary hike for civil servants.

Please note, the hike was only for civil servants, not the ‘others’.

There is no hike to talk about however, because when their hikes are announced discreetly in the dark corridors of corruption, some unforseen and untold suffering is visited on the people, engineered, doubtless by the same ‘chefs’ who are themselves chauffer driven.

It boggles the mind how these government employees, design policies and incentives which eventually thwart other government workers. ‘Some animals are more equal than others!’

They don’t even know how it feels to queue for basic commodities and while our grandsons are under lockdown restrictions, theirs are attending online classes every day, including Sundays.

There is nothing civil about such servants.

The different worlds in which the country’s government workers are treated Comrades calls for a clear distinction as some are civil for sure with the other lot being evil.

The evil are there to make sure the civil one suffers. Imagine working everyday to be paid transport money only, ko kumba vana vodyei?

Apa foromani varikuona zvavo, nyika ichiondomoka, yozoondomoka, yozoramba ichingoondomoka. Ivo vakagara mumba inodziyirira. Haa nxaaa this is not why the tribabilas was bombed mhani!

Did you know Comrades that amid the introduction of yuwesi on the civil servants pay slip they won’t be able to access hard currency?

Civil servants can only do transfers from Nostro to Nostro and also buy goods using Nostro Accounts. If the forex is to be converted at the prevailing rates, the salary remains a pitiable pittance.

Only God, not Bertha Mwonzora can correct this situation. Did you see her? Yes I mean mwanasikana waMwonzora hanzi siyanai nadaddy vangu kkkk kuseka kwepa WhatsApp.

Getting all the time to put on mess-up and address the nation. Who are you Bertha? What do you even know about Zimbabwean politics? Waita mutete. Siyana nazvo is my humble warning ini Comrade Tichatonga, Zimbabwe’s unsung liberation war hero.  Otherwise we will undress you, well, figuratively of course, I am sure few would stand you otherwise if they can’t stand you clothed.

Honestly, today I would have wanted go on to mention names so that we are able to differentiate good civil from evil but for today, I would spare names so that clarity is achieved on the fact that Obadiah Moyo, George Guvamatanga, Mutuvi Ncube naCollins Mnangagwa are prisoners and should be in jail for being involved in the Drax scandal, Chingwadza weGweru uyo ozoteverawo.

I will call it a day now. Asi before I go, I have a quick question. Am told DCK went to GMB in the name of his majesty to seek mealie meal packaging.

DCK came back kwakugaya nemajanga. Vanhuwo nezhara, they bought only to discover that the mealie meal in Silo packaging was equal to chicken feed. Zvino anoti kana iye achidya zvinonaka vanhu dzave huku dzechibhoyi here dzinogairwa nemajanga. Kana pane anoziva chokwadi chazvo ozuya ondiudzawo kudumpsite uko kwandoswera ndichidya nhoko dzezvironda!

Sources are also telling me the Attorney General’s office is busy preparing a strong case against DJ Biscuit, and Collins and his father kkk for stealing from the Zimbanweans, more of that anon.

Till next time folks. Listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours.

Off to the Officer’s Mess kwatomwa hunotonhorera supported by macimbi, pork bones and sadza.

Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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