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PSL rues losing SuperSport deal

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Premier Soccer League Chief Executive Officer Kenny Ndebele says the league is missing out annual revenue from television rights because they do not have a pay-per view broadcasting partner.

While neighboring countries, such as South Africa, Zambia benefit from the SuperSport deal, the domestic league last derived revenue from television rights in 2017 when their marriage with Super Sport collapsed.

Ndebele, admitted that revenue from television rights could have helped clubs maneuver their way in the harsh economic environment.

“We currently do not have a television broadcasting partner as we used to have, therefore there are no grants that are payable.

“Elsewhere the grants that teams receive annually or periodically are coming from the television rights.

“For us it’s different because we do not have a pay per view channels to beam matches and be able to pay for the production costs and also pay television rights fees,” he said.

“Clubs could have been benefitting a lot in these tough economic conditions, since many are struggling to meet mandatory financial obligations such as affiliations, salaries among others.

“As we develop, we hope that one day we might have a broadcasting partner who will be able to beam our matches like what we did with Super Sport,” Ndebele added.

If this marriage had been maintained, it could have assisted in revenue collection since gate takings are not performing so well.

Dynamos, Caps United and Highlanders however still have a sizeable following.

In worst cases, some clubs have been forced to disband after failing to endure the costs of operation.

Such clubs include Quelaton, Hardbody, Tripple B, Highway, Lengthens, Shooting Stars, How Mine, Nichrut and Underhill among others.

Meanwhile clubs backed corporates are running smoothly and have become the desire destination for most players.

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