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Poetic justice in action says Dube on leaders lamenting recalls

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GWERU: Gweru Urban legislator, Brian Dube recently took a dig on political leaders lamenting recalls saying they are tasting the bitterness of their own voracity.

Speaking during Constituency Indaba Accountability Dialogue on Public Resource Management for Effective Public Service Delivery hosted by Zimbabwe Coalition On Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) in Gweru recently, Dube said he was not apologetic for recalled leaders especially those who made the ‘recall’ clause see the light of the day in 2013.

“Section 129(1)(k) on recalls was supposed to be removed in our 2013 Constitution. However, some leaders who thought will be in power decided to keep it. It was adopted without debate in 2013.

“When it was enacted, it was celebrated and used several times. Those now victims of it, have also in the past used it against others. We need honest leaders who work for good laws to everyone,” Dube said.

“At a personal level, I do not sympathize for leaders lamenting recalls especially those who were there when the law was not contested in parliament. Leaders should instead do laws for prosperity rather than personal benefit,” added Dube.

The youthful leader also took the podium to advise the general populace against losing focus through following social media debates that do not protect their interests.

“Youths and women are also misled towards fronting issues that do not concern them through hijacking social media debates that do not concern them. I say so because when consultations come to provinces, youths and women usually dwell on issues that do not concern them.

“A good example was the Constitutional Amendment No.2. You would come across youths and women dwelling more on the Chief Justice issue, an issue I thought had experts to push for that agenda. Very few would argue on the proposed quotas and how they affect them. Let’s not be misled,” Dube further said.

Meanwhile, Mkoba residents whose MP Amos Chibaya was recalled have raised concerns over transparency and accountability follow-ups to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) as they say they do not know who to approach. They also say having gone for long without a representative in parliament has affected their community negatively in terms of development.

The government has however shown reluctance in holding by-elections towards filling the vacant parliamentary and council sits having previously said that it would be risky to hold elections during the height of the pandemic. Recently, the government however announced that by-elections would be held in the first quarter of 2022, a promise which the general populace awaits to see its fulfillment among other already backdated electoral processes such as the delimitation process.


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