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Organizers of Midlands show shocked by public support

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GWERU: The Midlands Agriculture Show ended this Sunday, with organizers satisfied with the overwhelming response from the business sector while more than 40 thousand people entered the exhibition gates during the public days.

Midlands Show Society President Pascal Muringani say it was shocking to see an event that was prepared in a space of two months due to uncertainties around COVID-19, getting a massive boost from business and the general public who came in their numbers on Saturday and Sunday.

“We have been touched by the sheer numbers we have been experiencing the public who came to witness this year’s showcase. We never anticipated receiving 20 thousand people a day given the timeframe we had to organize.

“All the other years we take more than eight months to prepare but this year we were waiting for a directive from the government which only came in a space of two months. We would like to build from this year’s success going forward,” Muringani said.

The government says businesses should take advantage of the favorable operating environment created by the government in line with the National Development Strategy One.

“It is breathtaking to note that the Midlands show society has been growing from strength to strength over the years. It is our hope that synergies will continue to be established through this platform of showcasing.

“Business depends on each other for continued existence and this is key in the supply chain. Ladies and gentlemen, let us continue to bear in mind that the success of every business is hinged on its stakeholders’ contribution to the community they serve,” said Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Senator Larry Mavhima.

Amid the society witnessing a low turnout from exhibitors, the four-day show witnessed 16 new exhibitors walking away winners for their outstanding exhibitions.

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