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‘Ngwena is blind to danger, deaf to advise’

by commuadmin

31 July is fast approaching and dear leader the ‘Croc’ has given a deaf ear and blind eye to the people’s disgruntlements. This all is happening amid the fact that the leader made a remarkable speech whose famous line, ‘…the voice of the people is the voice of God,’ can be recited with ease by a toddler.

Revolutionary greetings Comrades! Am happy to be with you again this week though hunger has remained my biggest ailment kwangu kudumpsite kwandinoroja uko. Kudya nhoko dzezvironda ini gidi ndakaridza on the hope of a better Zimbabwe.

Back to today’s matter comrades, surely our leader is blind to danger and deaf to advice. Getting into power was easy with the support of the gun and such is leaving power, not with the gun this time but through people’s expressions.

Please don’t quote me wrong, am not threatening the President’s sit nor am I planning a coup as Mabhemadanda would interpret, I am simply talking issues as they are on the ground, kwedu kuma grassroots, and not tissues as they are later presented from the Shake-Shake building.

People say they advised Comrade Tribabilas to engage in genuine re-engagement outside paying a lobbying company to move non-tangible agendas in the West. What we have seen to date is partial engagements with Belarus. Were you discussing trading horse meat for diamonds Comrade because we see no benefit at all!

Corruption! Eish; should we really fight this menace behind the camera? Going on TV and saying ‘no to corruption’ in small caps! Cry my beloved country cry! Isn’t all reports from ZAAC are put on your desk Comrade then you decide uyu ngaaende uyu ngaasare? Why then are you protecting the culprits? Asi you are also part of the game? Tichazivazvipi mwana waTichatonga.

Concentration of power without grassroots endorsements is nothing but a recipe for your demise. I also hear through the dark corridors of power that your good disciple Mudha has set eyes on Shurugwi. Yes, kunochengetedza makomba because paKwekwe makapedzera! Zvimwe muti munotamba vakomana.

I don’t fear talking of these issues Comrades like some of you do out of fear to get arrested on charges of undermining him because I have felt the pain, yes, imagine a liberator staying kudumpsite let alone we fought and conquered the liberation struggle all in hope of a better life.

Again, advising this guy or guiding him to see into the future sometimes doesn’t make sense.

I have always advised also on doing away with recited interviews. What a humiliating experience it was for Genarari Moyo on DW Africa’s Conflict Zone interview? There was a total difference between the Moyo who announced the coup and the Moyo who was defensive on the international media platform. He should be given the defense Ministry instead kkk.

Ko I hear kuti chisikana changu ThokoZanu Khupe chakanyora mwadhi yokutsvaga rudo kuvachena kkk. Agh zvaThokho vakomana. It’s not a secret she is misrepresenting fellow women in the political struggle. The foolish like Teddy Banda, Anna Gozho and Memory Bhondiya have decided to follow the corpse to the grave kkk.

I really wanted to continue and help Senator Larry Mavhima today in accounting for the Midlands COVID-19 but I would like people to continue chewing the cud on the ongoing farm mechanisation scheme beneficiaries scandal.

How interesting the Magaisa story has rekindled some voices that had been on mute for long. I am not so sure if Gono really talked on the issue or they are giving him voice to block Magaisa’s Saturday blows hahaha.

State papers on contradiction imagine. The other says Gono clarifies farm mechanisation whereas the other says beneficiaries shall pay. Surely if they pay we will get pension in USDs gore rino.

Asi nhai Baba Guti; nemwi muPorofita Mutendi. Iiiii bva regai henyu kutora chegumi ka. Hamuguti makaita seiko? I however don’t want to tear into this as revolutionary education taught me that religion and politics go hand in glove!

So Mliswa after Chatunga exposed you last time it shows une kamwe katurikwa futi. Please walk the talk then, or maybe try the Warriors again. They say once a copper always a copper and the same goes for the corrupt cabal; once Zanu PF always Zanu PF!

Yes, it’s true, Hamu Kombayi after a few drinks will tell you ex-Zanu PF comrades come to opposition out of bitterness but their hearts are always kuchibhakera. This even explains his zero actions over a ward, yet he wants to be MP kkk. Unomubvisa sei mukomana Brian Dube? Urikurota handiti?

It’s now that time I feel if I continue talking I will be charged of yep-yep.

But before I pen off; thumbs up to the swift action towards operating pubs. Asi Matangaidze wakanyadzisa shaaa. Kuvhura radio iwe wega Zimbabwe yese. Anyway, potsi haarwirwi and hope that was a lesson enough to enlighten you on what part you should play as a leader in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even kwedu kuMess harisi kutengeswa. COVID-19 must surely fall lest we will face beer shortage pandemic as well comrades.

Till next time folks, listen to yourself intently, join the voice, and add yours.

Adious amigos.

Cde Tichatonga.


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